10 Beach Bag Essentials for Summer Beauty

by admin

10 Beach Bag Essentials for Summer Beauty

Glorious summer is here, and that means beach time, pool days and backyard barbecues. Many of us let our beauty routine take a bit of a break in the warmer months, but there's no need to abandon it. You can still look pulled together and cool with our beach bag essentials. Your Popsicles might melt but never your makeup!


Lips and Cheeks



This water-resistant stain adds a subtle tint to lips and cheeks. The incorporation of vitamin E makes it much more blendable than traditional stains, and it has a fruity scent to put you in a tropical mood!


Coconut Hydration for Skin and Hair



Coconut oil has many uses, but it’s especially helpful at the beach or pool. Slick some through your strands to protect them from chlorine or saltwater and rub some onto skin for a beautiful beach glow. Plus, smelling like a pina colada is a happy bonus!


Refreshing Cool Down



Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray feels positively heavenly on a sweltering hot day. Keep a bottle in your cooler, and spray on face and chest when temps start to climb.


Fruity Kisser



A hint of fruity color and moisture is a must when sipping those umbrella drinks! Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm in Pink Grapefruit is summery sweet.


Serious Sun Protection



Solid sun protection is a non-negotiable. This SPF 50 spray is easy to apply to yourself if you are solo. It’s what the lifeguards on Miami Beach use, so you know you’re in good hands.


Refresher Wipes



Your skin can definitely feel sticky icky after a day of fun in the sun, but these will literally wipe that feeling away! Plus, they have glycolic, lactic, and citric acids to dissolve dead skin.


Defuzz on the Go



Don’t you just hate it when you notice that you’ve missed a spot shaving? You ever so slyly try to angle your legs so that no one can see your rogue cactus patch. Well, this little razor fits in your purse or beach bag and requires no shave gel. Problem solved!


Glimmering Lids



A hint of shimmer on the lids will catch the sunlight, and with 50 percent coconut water, this glimmer feels weightless. I love Playa Del Pink and Rio De Rose Gold for an effortless boho beach babe look.


Glowing Sun Protection



If rubbing on a thick, white sunscreen lotion rubs you the wrong way, you’ll love this sunscreen oil. With a hefty SPF 50, this non-greasy oil contains ultra-moisturizing meadowfoam extract plus antioxidants. You’ll love the goddess glow it gives your skin while protecting it!


Flawless Face Protection



This BB provides moisture, SPF and light coverage for a natural beach look. Most BB and CC creams have an SPF of just 15 to 20, so you’re right on the money with this one! Be smart and reapply often.