10 Cute ‘n’ Creepy Clown Makeup Ideas for Halloween

by Lauren Turner

10 Cute ‘n’ Creepy Clown Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Feeling inspired by the new American Horror Story: Freak Show? Then ditch the classic kitty-cat look for something a little more creepy. We’ve got 10 clown makeup looks that will rock your striped socks off.



Cute Girly Clown Makeup



cute girly clown makeup




If you want to look more girly than creepy, give vlogger Gii Garcia‘s girly clown look a try. By using tons of glitter and not covering her face with white paint, Gii came up with a look that’s right for the true girly girl.




Classic Circus Clown Makeup



classic circus clown makeup




For the more traditional circus clown, try blogger AidetteLovesBeautyXo classic clown tutorial. With the white face, overdone blush and a Joker-esque smile, all you need now is a colored afro and some oversized shoes.




Harley Quinn Clown Makeup



harley quinn styled makeup



If you want a clown look that’s creepy but not outright terrifying, beauty vlogger Jula Graf‘s Harley Quinn–inspired look is spot-on. She tones it down by keeping the complexion muted, but with the dramatic eyes and exaggerated lips, the look is still sure to turn heads.




Circus Freak Clown Makeup



woman wearing aggressive clown makeup




If you want a clown look that’s creepier than cute, makeup blogger Helen Bernal‘s circus freak look is the one. This clown makeup goes beyond just the face and gives you a cool neck accessory to complete the look.




Pierrot the Clown Makeup


girl wearing subtle clown makeup



Vlogger Lena Lednicka created a simple clown makeup look that reminds us of Lil Wayne (check the teardrop). And it works perfectly for makeup newbies. Just darken your eyebrows, stick on some false lashes and give yourself a small teardrop for good measure.




Pretty Clown Makeup


girl wearing 50's style clown makeup


If you’re into retro costume styles, try vlogger ElizabethMcLeod’s pretty clown makeup look. We love the overdone eyes and muted palette. It just screams freak show.




Cute and Girly Clown Makeup



girl wearing rainbow clown makeup


Vlogger Shannen Baritell went for a classic, colorful clown look. By using three key colors for the eyes, she created a look that’s totally circus-worthy. Though you’ll need costume makeup for the white face, you can use everyday shadow in any three bright colors for the eye treatment.




Easy Cute Clown Makeup



girl wearing simple clown makeup



If you’re like vlogger Lea Evangelista, then doing clown makeup should be fun and easy. Instead of covering your face with white paint, you can just stick to the basics: colorful eyes, deep red lips and, of course, a red nose.




Cute Killer Clown Makeup


girl wearing killer clown makeup



To go all out as a killer clown, take a cue from vlogger ThuggeeDee. The fake blood, heavy blush and teeny eyebrows will definitely give your face that fear factor. And if you want to take a pass on the blood, you can still create the heavy makeup look.




Cutesy Clown Makeup


cutesy clown makeup



The clown look that special-makeup-effects blogger Bonnie Corban created reminds us more of a court jester than a circus clown, but they all come from the same place. The pastel color palette makes for a jester that’s more cute than creepy. Add a bow to your hair, and you’re good to go.