11 Makeup Brands You’ll Love If Your Fave Emoji Is The Black Heart

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11 Makeup Brands You’ll Love If Your Fave Emoji Is The Black Heart

Although we love a good mermaid manicure, sometimes we all need a break from the flashy colors. These 11 cosmetics companies are here to help satisfy your beauty needs when you're vibin' a little darker.


Rituel de Fille



This indie company was formulated by three artists who use the fewest possible ingredients to create some seriously intense colors. Their Ash & Ember Eye Soots come in fun shades like Seven Sisters (blue-gray), Nightshade (deep shimmery plum), and Obsidian (a rich black with a metallic sheen), and their upcoming Eclipse inner glow créme is about to be seriously groundbreaking in the world of dark magic makeup when it launches on April 5. All of the company’s products are made without synthetic dyes or fragrances and are never tested on animals!


Urban Decay



We all know about Urban Decay’s iconic eyeshadows, but if you’ve never heard of their Vice Lipsticks, you and your lips are truly missing out. In colors like Perversion (matte black), Heroine (navy), and Blackmail (deep burgundy), UD has started to return to its darker roots with these intense shades.


Lunatick Labs Cosmetics



Not only do we love Lunatick Lab Cosmetics for their killer packaging (that includes ouija boards and coffins!) and awesome products (take a look at their insanely popular contour book palette), but their values are just as great. As an inclusive company, that openly welcomes customers no matter their "background, sexuality, or race," its products are 100 percent vegan and cruelty free. Because while they might prefer black makeup, but that doesn't mean they have a black heart.


Black Moon Cosmetics



Black Moon Cosmetics is a relatively new company that brought the world an innovative liquid to matte lipstick and never looked back. While they’ve implemented a few shinier products into the mix since their start (“because who said glitter only goes with pink?!”), they use both their elegant packaging and enchanting products to push the boundaries of traditional cosmetics companies. And the best part? They’re vegan and cruelty-free, so indulge as you please!


Concrete Minerals



This unique brand brings a witch-like vibe to our beuaty bags that we can’t get enough of. While their lipsticks are adored by all, it’s their eyeshadows that pack a serious punch. The Zombie Girl Collection palette has deeply pigmented, vibrant colors like Living Dead (moss green w/ copper undertones), Blood and Guts (rust red with an aqua tint), and Nightmare (an electric purple with a pink shimmer), and with their separately-sold shades like Bitches Brew (shimmery lavendar) and Risque (blood red), making a decision will be the hardest part. No matter what you decide on though, they promise to be only vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free products.


Necromancy Cosmetica


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Necromancy Cosmetica is a Puerto Rico-based brand that is all about incorporating both edgy and striking into every single one of their lipsticks. Made with 100 percent vegan products and never tested on animals, you can feel good about your Deadly Nightshadeor Martyr's Blood-colored pucker, and you can look killer doing it.


Pretty Zombie Cosmetics



Pretty Zombie Cosmetics wastes no time in telling customers what they’re all about. They specialize in liquid lipsticks that will spruce up your bold look no matter what color you’re going for. Look forward to enjoying the gorgeous products as vegan and cruelty-free, too!


Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics



With tons of vegan and cruelty-free options to choose from, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics was created specifically to go against the traditional products found in the beauty industry. From nail lacquers to their innovative lip tars in shades like Alt-girl and Blackboard, OCC is a one-stop shop for your alternative beauty needs.


My Pretty Zombie



This fun and quirky brand was started as an Etsy shop before becoming what it is today. With products from lipstick and setting powders, to super-pigmented eyeshadows with names like Anthrax and Homemade Death (Yikes!), My Pretty Zombie definitely does not provide your average, run of the mill products.


Notoriously Morbid



Notoriously Morbid proudly states on its website that the brand is “perfect for those who are a little morbid at heart,” and they aren’t fibbing a bit. We love the wide selection of eye products (duochromse and matte shadows galore!) and lip products they provide, but even more, we truly can’t get enough of their crazy cool (cruelty-free) highlighters and their villain-inspired bath and body products!


Kat Von D



The truly iconic and notoriously edgy beauty queen Kat Von D has never let us down in terms of bold and daring cosmetics. Her coffin-shaped brush case, studded lipsticks, and all-black packaging on all of her products is just the entryway into the plethora of magic she has brought to the beauty world.