12 Beauty Tricks to Hide a Hangover

by admin

12 Beauty Tricks to Hide a Hangover

Hey, we've all been there. You're out and about, having the best time ever until … the next morning. But the world waits for no one, and makeup can be your best ally when it comes to what you did last night. Hangover skin is dehydrated with poor circulation. While you can't undrink those drinks, you can look fresh with great makeup and skincare. Here's how to look good when hungover!


Rehydrate the Dehydrated



Begin by moisturizing that dehydrated skin with a brightening moisturizer like Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Boost. This lightweight serum's fresh orange scent will help you wake up! When your skin is lacking in moisture and a healthy glow, this is the perfect first step.


Depuff and Brighten



Attack that under-eye puffiness (from those late-night eats) and darkness from lack of sleep with a supercharged eye cream. Origins GinZing Eye Cream with caffeine will stimulate lymphatic drainage, decreasing puffiness—and the luminescent particles add instant radiance!


Color-Correct Lifeless Skin Tone



When you've been friendly with cocktails, your skin is dehydrated and your circulation is slower, thus giving your skin a more gray than gorg appearance. A pink-toned primer does the trick to brighten things right up! Benefit's That Gal is my favorite pastel pink primer for reviving dull skin.


Illuminate Dull Skin



Your skin is about as radiant as cement this morning, so fake it with a glowy tinted moisturizer like Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer. It has just enough light-reflecting particles to give your skin a natural radiance without looking greasy. Lightly set with powder.


Conceal Redness



Dot a creamy, hydrating concealer like Benefit's Fake Up Concealer on these key places: under eyes, corners of the nose and mouth, above the top lip and on any blemishes or dark spots. Your skin is likely drier than usual, and this concealer won't cling to any of the dry patches.


Brighten Lids



An eye primer with concealing properties, like Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, cancels out redness, veins and discoloration on the lids. The eye area is among the first to tell all after a night of drinking.


Liven Up Your Cheeks



You are likely as colorless as a corpse, so breathe life back to your cheeks with blush. Choose a more nude/spice shade like Revlon Powder Blush in Naughty Nude so as not to further accentuate any excess redness in the skin.


Subtle Shimmer on Eyes



Sweep a pearly neutral shadow over lids to add just a touch of light. I love NYX Cosmetics Pearl Mania in Mink for a suble golden glow. Stay away from a smoky eye today as you likely have remnants from last night, and we are trying to fake a wide-awake effect.


Open the Eyes



Curl your lashes to open up the eyes, and don't forget mascara! Several quick coats of a buildable formula, like CoverGirl Flamed Out, will frame your eyes in fringe and make eyes appear alert and flirtatious.


Define Brows



Don't forget the framers of your face—brows! A quick pass-through with Benefit's Gimme Brow will define just enough and requires zero precision—something I bet you're lacking on mornings such as these!


Wear a Bold Lip



A bright, fun lip color like Revlon Color Lacquer Balm in Tease is your biggest helper today. The juicy shade totally distracts attention away from bloodshot eyes and sallow skin.


Set and Refresh



Spritz yourself with an invigorating facial spray like LATHER Cucumber and Ginseng to instantly refresh your look.