13 Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Won’t Make You A Basic Witch

by admin

13 Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Won’t Make You A Basic Witch

From good witches to bad, it doesn't take sorcery to turn yourself into a magic-wielding force to be reckoned with. You'll never be a basic witch with these makeup ideas.

Sometimes it's best to stick with a classic Halloween costume choice when the annual masquerade night rolls around. And nothing screams timeless like the epitome of spooky and sexy characters quite like a witch.

Hey, if it's not broken, don't fix it, right? Unless you want to avoid the inevitable ridicule, that is.

Although breaking out the quintessential all-black ensemble is a no-brainer, you don't have to settle for less than head-turning witch makeup this year because we've found every tutorial you could possibly conjure up.

Time to get your makeup brews ready — pointy hats not included.

1. Ursula The Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid

She's been stealing voices and taking names ever since a pesky mermaid swam into her life. Why wouldn't you want to be her? YouTuber goldiestarling has the step-by-step guide you need to be part of this world.

2. Nancy Downs from The Craft

An ode to the classic '90s film, this look from SmashinBeauty is subtle, sexy, and everything an aspiring witch could ask for.

3. Gradient Witch

Take your Wicked Witch of the West game to the next level with this unique and slightly scary look from YouTuber Melissa Bernard.

4. Hermione Granger Polyjuice Potion Transformation

Why not try to recreate one of Hermione's most memorable spell snafus? You're sure to be the talk of the party as one of the furriest witches around, courtesy of this tutorial from YouTuber Kat Sketch.

5. American Horror Story Acid-Burnt Cordelia Foxx

OK, if you haven't seen the third season of AHS, this is a HUGE spoiler, but this gory Halloween makeup from Bonnie Corban SFX would make you the life of the party.

6. Sparkly Goth Witch

This tutorial from Erin Nicole is for all the nice witches out there, but who says you don't have some tricks up your billowing sleeves?

7. Wearable Witch

If you're not one for spooky props or fake teeth, this major makeup statement is perfect if you'd rather let your outfit do the talking. Just thank YouTube makeup artist Rachel Leary.

8. Glam Wicked Witch

If you're a witch who knows the best pressed powder and liquid lipstick brands out there, summon all of your precious products to become this beautified sorceress, with the tutorial from Cosmobyhaley.

9. Evil Woodland Witch

Break out your tried and true face paint to channel all of your dark magic for this look by Ruby Nicole.

10. Snow White Evil Witch Queen

Even if this villainess scared the living crap out of you as a child, there's no better way to get over your fear than by dressing up as the antagonist herself, using this tutorial by iwanted2c1video.

11. Salem Witch Trial Victim

For all of you history enthusiasts out there, this tutorial by Ash Clements is for you! Add a touch of gothic whimsy, and you've got yourself one scary costume.

12. Gypsy Witch

Combine the garb of a dark fortune teller and some magical powers, and you have yourself one scary gypsy witch by itsstefanialasagna.

13. Atlantis Sea Witch

Sometimes the darkest magic lies in the deepest depths of the sea. You even get to wear some fake horns and shells! This incredible look is by YouTuber KlairedelysArt.

So, which witch will it be?