13 Scary Amazing Halloween-Inspired Beauty Products You Need Now

by Maggie Dickman

13 Scary Amazing Halloween-Inspired Beauty Products You Need Now
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Beauty brands are clearly as inspired by Halloween as we are. From horror movie-themed eyeshadow to witchy black lipstick shades, here are a few of the best Halloween makeup and beauty products to get you into the spooky spirit.




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Bath & Body Works Halloween Hand Sanitizer Collection


These handy sanitizers are not only easy to throw in your bag before rushing out the door — they're also cute enough that you'll want to carry one around long after the holiday is over.

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Kat Von D “Witches” Liquid Lipstick


Kat Von D is a beauty favorite, and her liquid lipsticks are staples year 'round. Take a chance on the spooky side this holiday season and go for a Halloween inspired makeup shade you normally wouldn't — "pitch black," anyone? Hey, Rihanna, Lily Collins, and Jourdan Dunn were rocking dark and black lipstick even in the summer this year, so maybe it'll have more longevity than you think.

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Lunatick Cosmetics Lab Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette


Lunatick Cosmetics Lab is one of our absolute favorite indie makeup brands, especially when we want to explore our dark side. This coffin-shaped eyeshadow palette has five nude shimmer and matte shades, appropriately named for Halloween as "Invocation," "Myth," "Spook," "Reincarnation," and "Ghoulight." It's not all evil, though, because this makeup is cruelty-free and vegan.

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Philosophy Apple Cider Bath Gel


Not all Halloween makeup and beauty products have to be spooky! We get warm and cozy All Hallow's Eve vibes from this apple cider three-in-one body wash, bubble bath, and shampoo by Philosophy. After all your trick or treaters have come and gone, grab a glass of wine and settle into a very festive warm bath for hte night.

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Wet N Wild Halloween Highlighter


Wet N Wild's famous MegaGlo highlighting powder gets a spooky twist this year with a black Fantasy Makers shade called "Not Your Basic Witch." (Love.) It's super pigmented for a bold Halloween makeup look, but it also comes in a shimmery lime green and a white if you're not into the serious look the black gives. Still, the skull imprint on the powder itself is kind of super cute, right?

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‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ Eyeshadow Palette


Horror movie buffs, this one is for you. This Freddy Krueger-inspired eyeshadow palettes will haunt your nightmares—at least the killer packaging will; the shadow shades are actually stuff of dreams. The standout shade is a bold blue, which isn't just Halloween makeup, it's so on trend this fall, called "Dream Realm." If you're Team Jason instead, there's a Friday the 13th eyeshadow palette, too!

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‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sally’s Potions Fragrances


A Christmas and a Halloween movie all rolled into one, The Nightmare Before Christmas is so pitch perfect for this time of year. How cute is this set of three fragrances, meant to mimic Sally's potions? Though the packaging and scent names are creepy, the fragrances themselves are fresh, spicy, and sweet: Deadly Night Shade is rose, peony and tangerine; Worm's Wort is papaya, jackfruit, and apricot with vanilla and sugar; and Frog's Breath is jasmine, vanilla orchid, and exotic woods with patchouli and black amber.

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Lush Halloween Bath Bombs


Lush bath bombs never disappoint, and their Halloween options are no different. From the creepy eyeball-shaped bomb, to the black cat (cute all year round, right cat lovers?), to our favorite, the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar, you're going to want to get your hands on one (or three) of these.

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Candy Corn Soap


Don't be fooled, candy lovers! These bite-sized candy corns are actually soap, and nearly 14,000 reviewers on Etsy are in love. They even have an orange scent. Put them in a jar by the sink for your Halloween party for super festive and practical decor. Whatever you do, don't eat them!

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Blackheart Beauty Zombie Blood Fragrance


The Walking Dead proved that zombie blood is an effective hiding technique to combat zombies, so clearly everyone needs this Halloween inspired fragrance for the apocalypse. But seriously, this bottle is epic, and it will make quite a statement piece on your vanity. Don't worry, though, it definitely doesn't smell as bad as it sounds; this zombie blood has a scent of citrus and red berry with hints of rosewood and jasmine petals and the bottom notes of blonde woods, vetiver, and vanilla.

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Ouija Board Makeup Bag


Are you ready to channel the spirits? We all know Ouija makes for creepy Halloween makeup, and now we think this Ouija inspired makeup bag is a must have for all goth girls and wannabe witches. Forget just Halloween, because we'll use this all year around.

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Tokidoki Halloween Flavored Lip Balms


We all love our trusty Chapstick, but this season we're ready to switch it up to something more festive. This flavored and tinted lip balm set by Tokidoki is adorably spooky. The five Halloween lip balms come in pumpkin pie, black cherry, marshmallow, mint chocolate, and blackberry, so you're sure to be licking your lips all day.

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Witches Brew Charcoal Face Mask


Charcoal is a beauty stash staple, but it's particularly on point for Halloween. This blackest black face mask is appropriately deemed "Witches Brew" and you could say it works like magic.