13 WTF Makeup Hacks You Should Never Do

by admin

13 WTF Makeup Hacks You Should Never Do

Kitty litter face mask? Um, let's not even consider that.

We can totally get down with some beauty hacks. Clear tape for winged eyeliner? On it. Coconut oil as moisturizer? All about that life. Kitty litter face mask? Um, better not. Read on to see some of the worst judgment calls in makeup hack history. Seriously, don't do these.

1. Sock Beauty Blender

Okay, so several beauty bloggers have raved about this hack, but news flash: it's a SOCK. Like, for your feet. Why don't you just use a makeup brush or a Beauty Blender or, idk, maybe your hands?

2. Permanent Marker as Liquid Eyeliner

So awhile ago, our girl Taylor Swift confessed that she had once used Sharpie as eyeliner. Suddenly the Internet blew up with people wondering if this crazy—and perhaps toxic—makeup hack would work. So far, all of the tutorials we've watched point to "no."

3. Sharpie for Eyebrows

Sharpie Eyebrows


Okay, if permanent marker didn't work as eyeliner, what prompted people to try it on their eyebrows? This stuff is full of chemicals that can't possibly be good for your skin, or eyes! We're talking about your EYESIGHT, people. In this situation, it's just better to have non-fleeky brows. Trust us.

4. Crayon Lipstick

Okay, maybe if you need a one-time crazy color for a costume party or something, then this could be a good option. BUT, DIY-ers beware: Crayola issued a statement against using any of their products as makeup. Because—crazy, we know—crayons weren't meant for the face.

5. Colored Pencil Eyeliner/Lipstick

This hack involves letting colored pencils soak in water, and after a while they're supposed to glide on like eyeliner and lipstick. We've seen a few tutorials that actually look awesome, but the dryness of the pencils can't be good for your lips. It'd be wise to stick to normal makeup.

6. M&M Eyeliner

What is it with people and wanting to put things in their eyes that don't belong? Who was so bored that they came up with this idea? And most importantly, why in the world would you waste perfectly good M&M's on your eyes?

7. Bubblegum Lipstick

Bubblegum Lipstick


Now this is just starting to feel like kindergarten. Please do yourselves a favor and just go out and buy lipstick.

8. Oreo Mascara

Wait, seriously?! Everything about this just sounds wrong. Oreos are for dunking in milk, not rubbing on your eyelashes. Not to mention that it's so much cheaper and easier to buy drugstore mascara than it is to purchase all of these materials and make your own. Next.

9. Peanut Butter Shaving Cream

Shaving cream: $1-3

Peanut butter: $4-5

Need we say more?

10. Red Lipstick Concealer

Who thought of this? It honestly just takes more concealer to cover up the red lipstick. You'd be better off using concealer alone. But hey, if it works for you, more power to ya!

11. Glow Stick Nail Polish

12. Chocolate/Coffee Grounds as Self-Tanner

As much as we love the smell of coffee and chocolate, we're not so sure about this sunless hack. Sure, it gives a nice, dark color. But the pigment is so uneven and streaky, you're better off going the Snooki route and getting a spray tan.

13. Kitty Litter Clay Mask

Kitty Litter Facemask?

Girl, take it from us. You can get face masks that are actually made for your skin, and they work wonders. You don't need to go digging into your cat's stash to get a soft face. Just an FYI: clay masks are less than $2 at the wonderful world of Walmart.