15 Celebs Who Ditched the Glam Squad and Do Their Own Makeup

by Effie Orfanides

15 Celebs Who Ditched the Glam Squad and Do Their Own Makeup

While many celebrities have hair and makeup people to get them pretty—and some even like to travel with a glam squad—others prefer to do their own hair and makeup. Here is a list of do-it-yourselfers who still look gorg, even though they don’t have a team working on them!



The Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton



We can’t believe it either! While Duchess Kate has been known to get a fresh cut and a blowout from her go-to stylist, Richard Ward, she often does her own hair, and almost always does her own makeup. In fact, Kate reportedly did her own makeup on her wedding day. Her fave brand? Lancome, according to Beauticate.


Kate Hudson



If you follow the actress on Snapchat, you’ve probably seen her with a beauty squad, but more often than not, she does her own makeup (she’s also super into beautifying masks). “I always clean my face, put a moisturizer on right away and let it soak before doing anything else…I’m always trying to take care of my skin, I really think staying hydrated is everything,” Kate told Redbook last year. When it comes to makeup, Kate said, “I really, really like to layer on the lashes, it makes it look very full around the eye.”


Kate Winslet



The actress definitely glams it up with the help of a hair stylist and a makeup artist on big red carpet nights, but she says that she enjoys doing her own hair and makeup. According to Marie Claire, Kate loves to use Shu Uemura Blotting Papers to get rid of oils.


Lauren Conrad



The clothing designer and author may spend her days in California living it up, but that doesn’t mean that she has a team running around powdering her nose all the time! She often posts tips and tricks for hair and makeup on her blog to share her secrets with fans.


Lucy Liu



The actress talked about her beauty secrets back in 2007, admitting to CNN that she always carries two types of eye liner in her bag. “The liquid liner is for above the eye, and the pencil is for inside the eye. But I rarely use the pencil unless I’m going out. If you put liquid liner on during the day and then add pencil to the inner rims at night, it glams it up,” she explained.


Cheryl Cole



Cheryl Cole has done her own makeup forever! When Stylist asked her about her “essential element” , she had the perfect answer: Mascara. And we couldn’t agree more! “Lashings of mascara. I apply multiple layers for the full effect. I don’t go as crazy as I used to, but I do like the false eyelash look so I’ve been using L’Oréal False Lash Telescopic Mascara, it’s got four different sides to the wand, so you don’t use as much,” she said.


Sophia Bush



The actress has been known to do her own makeup and says that she can get herself made up in just five minutes flat! “I do my makeup by myself 98 percent of the time. Honestly I don’t like to spend that long. I always joke that I have a five-minute face routine. It’s really fast, I have a couple of things I like and that’s it. I own a ton of makeup and if it’s a red carpet event I can do a full-on look, I think it’s fun. But my day to day is super simple. I just feel comfortable that way. I’m a tinted moisturizer kind of person; I might put two drops of foundation in if I’m feeling like I want a little more coverage. I like a cream brush and an eyebrow gel and mascara and I’m out the door,” Sophia told People Magazine last year.


Janelle Monae



In 2006, the singer admitted to doing her own hair and makeup. “Well folks, sorry to say this, but I do my own styling and my own tangled-up hair! I never like to inconvenience anyone I don’t have to. I mean, I may not do the best job, but if I can do it, I would just rather it be that way,” she said, according to PopSugar.


Gwen Stefani



The Voice mentor has been known to do her own makeup from time to time. Her favorite products include Ruby Woo lipstick and Freshwater eyeshadow, both from M.A.C., according to Elle.


Corinne Bailey Rae



This singer-songwriter is no stranger to doing her own hair. According to Curly Nikki, Rae is able to tame her own mane and get it just right. “I put it in four or so plaits. I plait the front section, then one in the crown, and two at the sides. I leave that for a day or a day and a half. When I take them down, it’s in those loose kinks from the plaits, but it’s still a bit wet, so then my natural curl kind of comes back in a bit,” Rae said.





According to Hollywood Life, RiRi has admitted to doing her own eyeliner. Her brand of choice? M.A.C.


Olivia Palermo



The former reality star-turned-fashionista admits doing her own makeup and confesses to one of her very own trends: Bare lips! “I actually don’t wear anything on my lips. I really like the shade of my lips and can’t seem to find a shade I like better, so I usually just go bare,” she said.


Taylor Swift



Sure, Tay has people. However, she can do her own makeup just fine! Artist Jake Bailey is actually impressed with the country star’s skills. “I’m amazed at the speed and precision with which she does her own cat eye,” he said.





The songstress admits doing her own makeup and says that the key is to “keep it simple.” “I usually wear a natural color on my lips and accent my eyes. I feel like the less makeup I use, the better I look. After so many years in front of the camera, sometimes, I think I look better now than 10 years ago when I wore so much! It’s important to let your own skin shine through,” Shakira told InStyle.


Michelle Obama



The FLOTUS is perfectly capable of doing her own makeup according to artist, Ingrid Grimes-Myles. “Early on, I taught her how to do a clean media face, and to this day, she is very competent in accomplishing this. Mrs. Obama could not have a makeup artist for all of her many scheduled appearances,” Grimes-Myles told Chicago Mag in 2011.