15 Mod Makeup Looks That Will Take You Back to the ’60s

by Shannon Bauer

15 Mod Makeup Looks That Will Take You Back to the ’60s

Seen on the runways of Versace and Saint Laurent, makeup looks referencing the ’60s are very much in vogue. With mile-high falsies, dramatic liner, and pale lips, you’re going to wish you were a glamour girl of the decade. Good news! With these ’60s makeup tutorials, you can look as mod as the originals.


Black Eyeshadow



Edie Sedgwick is a supernova for ’60s makeup. The Factory Girl’s mod makeup with black eye shadow, false lashes, and a heavy white waterline catapulted her into stardom as Andy Warhol’s muse. Here, blogging duo Pixiwoo shows how to get the iconic look.


Pale Lips



While the ’50s pinup look was all about the red lips, the ’60s lippies were subdued. Rather than a plain nude or light rose shade, your lip look can be stepped up with lilac. Pair with a brown smoky eye as Shannon Harris does in this video!


Sultry Eyes



Italian film legend Sophia Loren has some of the most recognizable makeup in history with her sultry eyes and winged liner. Teni Panosian, blogger behind Miss Maven, does a beautiful Sophia Loren–inspired makeup tutorial here.


White Eye Liner



Cat eyes don’t need to be relegated to black liner. One of the biggest trends for fall is the dramatic liner look, build-it-up buttercup with white liquid liner. Ivy Boyd, Divine contributor and Wake Up for Makeup blogger, shows you how here.


Shimmery Eyes



One of the most successful female artists of all time, Diana Ross inspired numerous musicians and the movie Dream Girls. Her shimmery eye makeup and mega lashes made her a beauty icon in Motown and beyond. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep you from getting her look. Check out this tutorial from Makeup Game on Point.


Blacked-Out Eyelid



Normally an all-black eye look is a beauty don’t, but when done with shimmer shadows and a sassy shape as The Beauty Department did for Rachel Bilson, it becomes a beauty do. If it’s good enough for Rachel, then by all means rock on with your bad self.


Double-Winged Liner



For a truly edgy look, wing not one cat eye but two. A flicked liner on the top and bottom lash lines that never meet is dramatic and accentuates the feline shape. Heather Davern gives step-by-step directions on her blog. Meow!


Winged Liner



Brigitte Bardot was another beauty icon of the ’60s. Winged eyeliner in the 1960s was not yet a full-grown cat eye but rather a kitten—with just a swift flick at the ends. Tanya Burr does a sexy Brigitte Bardot look on her YouTube Channel here. To get Brigitte Bardot hair, check out this beehive video tutorial from John Frieda.


False Lashes



You won’t get the nickname “The Face of ’66” without being a 1960s icon. British supermodel Twiggy revolutionized the fashion industry with her boyish figure, short hair, and mod eye makeup. Grab some pairs of false lashes, and follow along with Life in Red Lipstick’s Twiggy how-to here.


Cut Crease



If there’s one look that is iconic of ’60s mod makeup, it’s the cut crease. Sharply defined eye shadow in the crease of the eye makes eyes appear larger and adds revolutionary drama. Ivy Boyd, one of the bloggers that makes us Divine, gives us this super dramatic cut crease eye tutorial.


Sharp Brows



Known for more than just her many marriages and extensive jewelry collection, Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood legend. Sharp brows, winged liner, and red-toned lips complete this Pixiwoo Liz look tutorial.


Dual Tone Lips



Can’t decide between two lip colors? With this bold ’60s trend you don’t have to. Apply one shade on the top lip and a totally separate shade on the bottom lip. We love this red-and-pink combo from Makeup and Beauty Blog.


White Waterline



Eyeliner in the 1960s didn’t just stay on top of the lid; a heavy white waterline was seen in makeup looks to make eyes pop. A groovy twist on the trend uses a bright color in the lower waterline, like this look from Pigments and Palettes.


Frosted Lids



Ladies, frost yourselves. And no, I’m not talking diamonds. This look is all about frosted eye shadows. Frosted lids were all the rage in the 1960s. Blues, greens, and purples give the perfect pop to any eye look. Sharon Farrell of the blog Sharon the Makeup Artist uses a bright blue for a bold Twiggy tutorial here.


Smokey Eye



One of the world’s first supermodels, Jean Shrimpton was an influential icon of the ’60s. She was model of the year in 1963 and was considered “The It Girl.” You might not have her doe eyes, but copy her iconic purple eye shadow with this smoky eye tutorial.