15 Party-Ready Halloween Makeup Ideas

by admin

15 Party-Ready Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is one of the rare times we get to don crazy makeup, play dress-up, and shamelessly binge on candy, and no one can say boo. Whether you prefer the creepy classics or a play on pop culture, we’ve gathered 15 must-try makeup looks. Mix yourself a cocktail, slip into your costume, and get ready to do the Monster Mash with these killer Halloween makeup ideas.


Elsa from “Frozen”



Though “Frozen” was totally targeted at, like, 7-year-olds, we fell in love with the animated film from the first musical note. Channel the Ice Queen with this Elsa makeup tutorial. To be honest, we just want a reason to ask if people want to build a snowman.


Venetian Mask



How fab is this Venetian mask makeup? We wish we could wear it all day every day, but, alas, we aren’t that fancy. Follow Julia Graf’s makeup tutorial, and complete the look with a ball gown. We suggest something simple to let the mask stand out.





The undead come in many forms, from the downright gruesome creatures of “The Walking Dead” to the star-crossed lovers in “Warm Bodies.” We’re partial to a prettied-up zombie, like Alana of Lady Art Looks’ full-face makeup. Add tattered clothes and get to thrillin’.


Katy Perry in “Roar”



Another fierce feline, Katy Perry never fails to impress us with her music videos. Though she’s released some solid contenders in 2014—Egyptian Katy in “Dark Horse” and mod socialite in “This Is How We Do”—we’re still obsessed with last year’s exotic “Roar.” Watch Coy Makeup’s tutorial to get this queen-of-the-jungle look.


Sugar Skull



Typically associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday, a sugar skull is an artistic and colorful way to amp up your Halloween makeup. It takes a bit more time and precision, but the outcome is worth it. Check out AlisonLovesJB’s video for a full tutorial.





Our go-to beauty blogger Ivy Boyd created this Maleficent-inspired makeup for Halloween. Check out her full tutorial to achieve the Disney villain’s iconic look.





If you love planning elaborate costumes complete with full-face and body makeup, this Mermaid tutorial is for you. It takes a bit of time and planning, but the result is out-of-this-world. Check out this DIY mermaid costume from Martha Stewart to complete the look.


Marie Antoinette Doll



Dolls, for whatever reason, will always be creepy in our book. From purportedly friendly Raggedy Ann to murderous Chucky, creating a doll look is simple with the makeup you have on hand. Check out Charisma Star’s tutorial for a Marie Antoinette–inspired doll look.


Sally from “A Nightmare Before Christmas”



Although he’s a creative genius, everything Tim Burton does is slightly terrifying. The bug-eyed and gangly Sally from “A Nightmare Before Christmas” is no exception. Grab a red wig and a patchwork dress—then follow this tutorial to get the makeup.





Ditch your go-to cat getup for a fiercer feline this year. More cute than creepy, a lioness is a quick and simple look you can easily re-create at home. Check out this full-face tutorial by From Head To Toe. Just don’t pull a Karen, and please, please wear more than your lingerie.





A timeless staple, Barbie is the perfect pretty look for an easy Halloween costume. While some people go to extreme lengths to achieve Barbie’s beauty, Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorial is quick (and temporary). Just add pink.





If you’re looking for a classic Halloween look, you can’t go wrong with a werewolf. This werewolf makeup tutorial from Makeup Your Jangsara is equal parts spooky and sexy. Complete your look with a teased bob and faux fur.


Effie Trinket



J Law. Liam Hemsworth. Fanciful makeup. “The Hunger Games” is dreamy and beautiful all around, and makes good inspiration for fun Halloween costumes. Check out this Effie Trinket makeup tutorial from Klaire de Lys, and prepare yourself for the release of the series’ next installation slated for November 21.





Summer’s biggest box office hit is the perfect inspiration for Halloween. “Guardians of the Galaxy” is chock-full of distinct characters, such as Zoe Saldana’s Gamora. Check out this tutorial from Melissa Croft to get the look; then grab three friends and a stuffed-animal Raccoon to complete the gang.


Red from “Orange Is the New Black”



When the second season of “Orange Is the New Black” was released last June, we binge-watched all 13 episodes and fell even more in love with the always fierce Red. While we have to wait until June or July—according to the word on the street—for the third season to hit Netflix, we’re taking inspiration from our favorite prison gals for our Halloween look. Check out Sheree Ann’s tutorial to get Red’s makeup.