16 Floral Eye Makeup Trends That Will Spring Forward Your Look

by admin

16 Floral Eye Makeup Trends That Will Spring Forward Your Look

We know, we know. Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. However, prepare yourself (and your eyes!). These 16 eye makeup looks are definitely growing on us.


Garden Of E(ye)den



This look from @faceflorals proves that who needs highlighter when you can use RL flowers? We promise you'll draw every eye directly to those cheekbones!

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Botanical Brows



This golden-themed floral eye makeup from @frantastic_beauty is the stuff of dreams. Those tiny, dried flowers on the outer corner truly take the look up so many notches!


Straight Fire



Wowza. There’s no denying that this stunning look from @jessica_emily is straight fire. Anyone feeling a new festival look?


Patterned Petals



Take a patterned approach to the floral eye makeup look, like this makeover from @frantastic_beauty does! The structure makes it all the more interesting!


Flower Fairy



Can you say gorgeous? We truly cannot get enough of this makeover from @bekkaharvey_mua. From the glitter, to the colors, to the miniature dried flowers, it all just WORKS!


Fierce And Floral



In terms of petals, this makeover from @bekkaharvey_mua proves that it’s chic to go big or go home. The dusting of yellow with the oversized, dried petals makes a fun and floral look for spring!


Red Hot



This simple version of the floral eye makeup trend from @ruthiebarone draws all of the attnetion to the outer corners of the eye with a slight pop of color, a fun, complementing appliqué, and a dried, neutral flower on top!


A Literal Rose Gold



Rose gold is hot, and if there is anything we’re sure of, it’s that it isn’t leaving us any time soon. This floral eye makeup from @ruthiebarone shows off a dramatic invisible eyeliner, rose gold patches of glitter, and a subtle petal for a glamorous look!


Monochromatic Makeup



Really make your look pop by matching your eye color to your choice of flower! This makeover from @thesaraengel keeps it monochrome and uber trendy!


Frosted Pink Petals



There has never been such a thing as too much glitter, and with this makeup from @emalovii, you can officially add florals to that list now as well.





This delicate look from @hollifer__ reminds us that simple touches can add a major punch to any look. Just one look has us ready for summer and festival-season!


Bold Blossoms



A bold neon lid with delicate, dried flowers, like this one by @ilinapoisonbite, creates a cool look that can totally be worn to your next big music festival outing! Keep the rest of your makeup neutral to really let your eyes stand out.


Petal To The Medal



How fun is this floral eye makeup look from @elenaland13? We’re in love with the colors and the placement of these petals!


Flower Girl



For the bride who likes her eye makeup to be a little more fashion-forward, this look from @lucyashleigh_cosplay was made for you! Stunning, elegant, and trendy all at the same time!


An Eye-Full



While the wearer of this garden eye from @arminmorbach might not be able to see, you can bet that she will definitely be seen. Maybe not ~totally~ practical, but 10/10 in the cool category!


Full Bloom



While maybe not ideal for daily wear, these dramatic eye flowers from @halloween_hub are definitely worth swooning over!