17 Ice Cream Makeup Looks That Prove How Extra Sweet This Trend Is

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17 Ice Cream Makeup Looks That Prove How Extra Sweet This Trend Is

The ice cream makeup trends was big last Halloween, but as our Instagram feeds are pointing out, it never actually went away. With tons of fun colors and interesting textures to play with, it's no surprise that makeup artists are using the icy treat as inspiration for this summer's makeovers. Check out these 17 ice cream makeup looks for some sweet inspiration!


Frosty Florals



Florals and ice cream are two of our favorite things, so of course this makeover from @miciamorgan does anything but disappoint. Plus, we have got to find that kind of neon-colored ice cream if it really does exist!





Normally we don’t love it when our ice cream is this melted, but in this case, @tiff_lovees makes it look totally fabulous. The neutral lip really draws attention to her sprinkled eyebrow details, and it’s making us want a real (non-melted) treat STAT.


Purple Shimmer



Keep it simple (or as simple as a look like this can get) with different shades of the same color. This all over purple look from @toasttoagoodlife_ is just as fabulous without a rainbow of color.


Pink-y Promise



This monotone makeover from @hailey.rayann is definitely holding it’s own in a world of neopolitan lookalikes! The all over pink sends a bold statement that shows you don’t need a busy look to be loud.


Sprinkled With Color



All the way down to the millennial pink hair, this ice cream makeup by @r.p.artistry is totally on point. The pop of purple on her lips with the blue and white sprinkles added to her brows makes for an adorable look that we are definitely obsessing over.


Sweet Dreams



We can totally stand by @maureennaudts and this look because let’s be real, who doesn’t dream of ice cream once in a while/every other night? And if we got to look like this in our dreams, we’d be even more excited for that sweet sleep!


In The Lime (Green) Light



Whiel we’re totally in love with everyone else’s sprinked eyebrows, @hicardomakeart takes it to an entirely new level with his completely covered eyeglasses. Even the touch of rainbow hair dye and the green back-splashed eyes add some serious fun!


Sealed (And Sprinkled)



By keeping the rest of her painted makeover simple, @t.marie.creation‘s sprinkled lips really stand out from her face. The 3D pop truly makes the whole look!


Cherry On Top



Everything from the sprinkled hair, the cotton ice cream cone lookalike, and the cherry on top makes this look from @makeupbyjb_ a totally adorable take on the trend. And check out those navy lashes!


Sugar Skull



Rock both a sweet and scary look in one with a makeover like this one from @megaartistry. The sugar skull takes on a very literal meaning when she adds a sweet ice cream vibe to it!


Twin Pops



Because@pegoulasvi proves that two popsicles, two ice cream cones, and two fun and sassy makeovers are always better than one.





What we adore most about this ice cream makeup by @slapinmypocketjulia is that she went far past keeping the sweet look just on her face. The body paint on her shoulders shows how dedicated she really is to the cool look.





I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, and this creepy cone makeover by @krysti_ellen is definitely helping us get there even quicker.


Soft Serve Sophistication



We’re not sure if it’s the cat, the muted plum lip, or the picture perfect symmetry that gives this ice cream makeup from @baadgal_productions more of a sophisticated vibe, but we’re totally feeling it. If ice cream ever melts all over us, we can only hope that it looks this good!


Sweetened Up



How intricately sweet is this sugar-filled makeover by @melissajanemua? The candy and the “melted” bits of ice cream are making our sweet tooth have some serious hankerings.


The Cold Shoulder



This photo from @glam_eyes_by_vivi says it all: “All you need is ice cream.” Add to the list this ice cream makeup look (and that glittered cone), and we couldn’t agree more.


What I Love About Sundaes



This look by @beatbynesh is total dedication with the textured, waffle cone taking over the bottom half of her face. This sundae makeover is one we’d love to wear every day of the week.