21 Popular Makeup Trends That Slayed 2016

by admin

21 Popular Makeup Trends That Slayed 2016

From the outstandingly gorgeous to the downright outrageous, 2016's beauty trends are certainly some for the books. If you haven't had the chance to try these yet, break out your makeup and get cracking before the ball drops!


Matte Lips



Yep, this is a trend we definitely went matte for. While we don’t know how far the matte lip trend will stretch into next year, we’ll be applying as much as we want till 2017 rolls around.


Glitter Lips



When we weren’t rocking matte, 2016 was the year glitter lips finally became a real, totally wearable thing. Pat McGrath’s glitter lip kit dazzled and mesmerized millions around the globe, meaning you’re never truly too old for a little glitz and glam.


Glitter Eye Makeup



Not to be outdone by glitter lips, glitter eye makeup also made its trendy comeback this year. This trend was seen on runways around the world, and it’s definitely a party look you’ve got to try ASAP.


Rose Gold Makeup



This may have been the best makeup trend of the year (no, we’re not biased or anything). Rose gold makeup truly flatters every skin tone and makes you look like a million bucks, so fingers crossed this trend sticks around for a while!


The No-Makeup Look



Heavily popularized by beauty inspiration Alicia Keys, the singer’s empowering move to no longer wear makeup started a movement across the nation. We really hope this trend never goes out of style, because no makeup is even more beautiful than a fully decked out face.


The Return of ’90s Vampy Lipstick



A little bit of ’90s dark lipstick never killed anybody. This vampy, quintessential turn-of-the-century helped champion the 1990s as one of beauty decades of the year, proving makeup trends are essentially cyclical.


Rainbow Highlighter



Rainbow highlighter is truly the stuff of pastel, ROYGBIV dreams. Did we mention it looks good on freaking everybody? Don't let this multicolor makeup scare you away from one of the coolest makeup products of the year.


Candy Cane Eyeliner



Tis the season to be jolly and attempt to re-create some super sweet candy cane eyeliner. Even when it’s not the holiday season, this minty makeup trend is still uber cool.


Unicorn Eyeliner



Is there anything more whimsical than unicorn eyeliner? We think not. While you may need an expert hand to try this buzzing beauty trend out, you better learn quickly if you don’t want to be wearing last year’s makeup!


Insane Lip Art



Just when you thought 2016’s makeup trends were outrageous already, this incredible lip art actually made your jaw drop. Miss Jazmina creates some of the most mesmerizing and downright insane lip art you could imagine, and you can easily spend hours scrolling through her Instagram feed.


Ear Makeup



Did you hear the news? First seen on the NYFW runways, ear makeup quickly became one of the most talked about beauty fads of the season. While it’s always en vogue to beautify your face, now your ears are having their turn!


’80s Blue Eye Makeup Returns



While blue makeup is generally considered a fashion faux pas thanks to the crazy beauty fads of the ’80s, this year, celebs and models both proved blue eye makeup is actually très chic. Now you’ll never have to stay away from those marine hues… at least until they fade out of style again.


Magical “Harry Potter” Themed Makeup



Though the classic Harry Potter canon is officially closed, 2016 graced us with Harry Potter-themed makeup, brushes, and some magical makeup concepts. There’s never been a better time to be makeup-obsessed Muggle, TBH.


Smudgy Smokey Eyes



Smokey eyes are indeed the epitome of eyeshadow mastery, but this year brought us the gloriously punk-ish smudgy smokey eye. It’s really like the ’80s and ’90s never left!


Bold Brows



Thank gawd plucking your eyebrows into nothing is no longer a trend, because big, beautiful, bold brows were everywhere this year. If you haven’t tried to craft your brows into beautiful, trimmed works of art, try these brow hacks, too!


Burgundy Eye Shadow



Be still our beating hearts, because burgundy eye shadow is the flaming hot eye makeup trend you really have to try. Celebs like Cara Delevingne rock this trend on the reg, which is why we believe this beauty trend is sticking around.


Dramatic Faux Lashes



Whether you refer to them as faux or false, dramatic eyelashes certainly had their moment in the spotlight this year.


Peach-Toned Makeup



Well, isn’t this peachy! Turns out peach hues aren’t just for spring and summer. From peach-toned blushes to eye shadow, it’s totally fine to fuzz out every part of your face!


Nude Lips



2016 may have been the year everybody wanted to look like Kylie Jenner — and for good reason. Nude lips ruled the beauty scene like never before, whether in matte, satin or glossy forms. What are you waiting for? You gotta go nude!


Shimmery Blush



We’re totally gushing and blushing over this beauty trend. Blush may be a tried and true makeup staple, but donning an extra dose of shimmer and shine really made us glow all year round.


Crystal Lip Art



Move over salt rocks, because crystal lip art stole the geode show this year. We could stare at these lips for hours, and if you’re brave enough to attempt them, be sure to invest in plenty of glitter and lip products!