28 Beauty Must-Haves for Any Glam Geek

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28 Beauty Must-Haves for Any Glam Geek

Gaga for old-school gaming consoles and traveling via Tardis as much as you love a bubble bath or fierce cat eye? We gotcha covered. These fangirl beauty products will definitely help you flaunt your inner geek.


Pokeball Nail Stickers



You’ll never run out of pokeballs again with these Pokeball nail decals! You can just use one for a statement nail paired with your team’s colors or go all out with a full poke-mani, the options are endless.


PokeEgg Bath Bomb



Honestly who wants to walk 5 or 10 km to find out the newest member to your team? Yeah, not us. Instead “hatch” your own bath bomb and unravel the mystery. No long walk required. Get it here.


Miyazaki Lip Balm



Spirited Away, My neighbor Totoro—so many great films. And if you love the Japanese artist as much as us, you’ll love these chap sticks from Shiro Cosmetics —just look at Jiji’s adorable eyes!


Butterbeer Beauty Box



Envelope your senses in the rich scents and nourishing powers of Hogwarts students’ favorite beverage. Because sometimes drinking it just isn’t enough. You can get this delicious bath set from Etsy.


Tenacity & Nerve Fragrance



Potterheads everywhere know movie Ginny is far less… interesting… than the books. This fragrance from Etsy seller Cutie Monster was definitely inspired by book Ginny: strong, but with a hint of sweetness.


Sorting Hat Bath Bomb



Are you brave like Gryffindor, witty like Ravenclaw, loyal like Hufflepuff, or cunning like Slytherin? Toss in this bath bomb and find out.


Tardis Hair Bows



Who geeks rejoice! With these Tardis-inspired hair bows from Hot Topic you’ll be ready when The Doctor comes to make you his next companion.


Winter is Coming Lip Balm



GoT enthusiasts will appreciate this witty pun. Because really, Winter and chapped lips go together like the royal family and scandals. Get yours from Etsy.


Seven Kingdoms Eye Shadow Set



This eye shadow from Shiro Cosmetics was designed after George RR Martin’s original books. So if you’re the kinda geek who says books are better than television, you’ll love the Seven Kingdoms collection.


Suicide Squad Hair Brush



With its crazy design and green bristles, there’s no doubt this brush is inspired by Mr. J. Which is great, because you need something to help style those Harley-worthy pig tails.


Batman Makeup Brush Roll



Your brushes are the real heroes of your makeup regime, so give them the star treatment with this Batman-inspired case. Nothing says “safe” like the Dark Knight protecting them.


Newb Blush



Even if you’re not a gaming beginner anymore, celebrate your past entry into the world of RPG, controllers, and Twitch with this rose blush from Geek Chic Cosmetics. Because everyone deserves confidence. Even newbs.


Circuit Board Headband



If the world of software engineering and computer science calls your name, you need this headband. From Etsy seller SheOHandmade, it’ll help you kick into overdrive whenever your hair starts short circuiting.


Star Wars Mascara



Although it was only offered for a limited time, Covergirl’s exclusive Star Wars line can be found other places too. We used some Jedi mind tricks to find this mascara set on Amazon. Buy it you must.


Star Wars Makeup Brush Roll



The force is strong with this one. Seriously, it’ll hold all your brushes, keep them organized, and make all your Star Wars-loving friends drool. Get it from ComicatCreations at Etsy.


Dragon Ball Z Soap



If you watched Dragon Ball Z, you'll adore this soap from Espionage Cosmetics, which lets you finally hold the power in your hand.


Lord of the Rings Compact Mirror



J. R.R. Tolkien fans everywhere will appreciate this compact’s design which pays tribute to one of the best literary quotes from one of the best trilogies. Get it here.


Second Breakfast Lip Balm



But what about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Sorry, you’ll just have to settle for Second Breakfast, which we really hope is apple-flavored.


“My Precious” Nail Polish



Get ready, because it’s one nail polish to rule them all. Only $9 from Shiro Cosmetics, its golden color definitely reminds us of the ring of power. Wearing it won’t turn you invisible though. Darn.


Sherlock Holmes Perfume Oil



With light and fresh coconut oil and easy application, get ready to be hooked on this perfume oil like you got hooked on the British series.


Supernatural Makeup Palette



Supernatural fans rejoice! There’s an entire makeup palette made just for you from Lunatick Labs. The packaging alone gets us drooling, but the neutral colors of the shadows have us going from like to LOVE.


Hyrule Bath Bomb



Relax after a long day of throwing chickens and battling the forces of evil with this bath bomb from Etsy seller, FizzyFairyApothecary. And if you truly want to transport to Hyrule, turn on Zelda’s Lullaby while it fizzes away.


Chest of Rupees



Hey! Listen! TheFairyApothecary also created some excellent rupee soaps. They even come in a chest, so no pot smashing required!


Geek Lip Balm Set



Get ready to geek out over this lip balm set. From comic book heroes to your favorite films, you pick your five favorites, yup it’s totally customizable. Told ya you’d love it.


Hunger Games Nail Polish



China Glaze created this Hunger Games Capitol Colors collection which you can find for $45 on Amazon. With creative names like “Dress Me Up” “Smoke and Ashes” and “Harvest Moon” we must say it’s totally worthy of the Girl on Fire.


Nintendo Makeup Bag



All your Nintendo favorites come together for this geek-tastic makeup bag. It sure 1-ups a basic black one.


Gaming Container Soap



Transport back in time to the earlier days of Nintendo with this soap from Espionage Cosmetics. Don’t worry, it works the first time you use it, no blowing into the bottom required.


MAC’s Stark Trek Collection



All right, you have to wait til September, but if you’re a Trekkie get excited because MAC is boldly going where no cosmetic company has before. With bright colors and bold package designs, we are sure the new Star Trek collection will live long and prosper.