3 Glitter Holiday Makeup Ideas

by admin

3 Glitter Holiday Makeup Ideas

‘Tis the season to wear glitter! The holidays are the perfect time to pop a little bit (or a lot) of glitter into your beauty looks. Glitter can be difficult to work with, but I’ve got a few glitter makeup ideas you can try without making a mess!


1. Loose Glitter on Eyelids
For the first look, I’m using a loose glitter. This tends to get a little messy unless you use an adhesive-like product to make the glitter stay in place. To complement the white gold tone of the glitter, I’m using my MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion to mix with the glitter and produce a more subdued, glowing glitter look. The Strobe Liquid Lotion will not only help the glitter adhere to your lids, but it’ll also tone down the glitter factor a bit if that’s the look you’re going for. If you want a more intense look, lay down the Strobe Liquid Lotion first and then pat the glitter over it for mega glitter shine!

2. Lower Glitter Eyeliner
For my second look I'm showing you how I like to use glitter liner. Glitter liners are extremely easy to use, but where do you put them?  Personally, I love using glitter liners for a subtle shimmer on the bottom lash line. When I use glitter on my bottom lash line I like using a glitter that’s on the lighter side. I use Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy in the video which is my absolute favorite!

3. Upper Glitter Eyeliner
My third and final look also uses a glitter liner. I think it's so fun and festive to apply glitter on the top lash line, too, but I'd recommend picking one, top or bottom.  If I’m using glitter on my top lash line, I like to use a nice dark glitter liner. I use Motives Glitter Eyeliner in Starry Eyes and apply it right over my regular black liner.

Watch my video tutorial to see how I create these three looks and have fun wearing glitter this season!

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