4 Hacks For How To Clean Your Beautyblender

by Taylor Borde

4 Hacks For How To Clean Your Beautyblender

How long has your beloved Beautyblender gone without a thorough scrub down? It’s time we take care of all that dirt and grime with a few tricks to make cleaning your makeup sponges way easier (and cheaper).

Where would we be without every makeup lover’s best friend, the humble Beautyblender? We go day after day, applying foundation, concealer, and powder, without stopping to consider how much old product (not to mention bacteria and oil!) is lingering inside our trusty little sponge. Have I caught your attention?

If you’ve ever looked up how to clean a beauty blender—the brand name Beautyblender products or any similar makeup sponge—you know that it can be quite a hassle and expensive if you use Beautyblender’s own soap and cleanser. Sure, the company has its brand-approved cleansers, but they come at a hefty price that I myself am not willing to pay, especially once I learned about these time- and money-saving tutorials.

Keep scrolling to uncover the sometimes strange, but effective ways you can clean your dirty Beautyblender with products you probably have sitting around the house.

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1. Try The Microwave Method

I know this sounds kind of crazy, but after running home and immediately trying it out, I can vouch for the microwave method. Not only does it help loosen up all the hardened makeup, but the heat kills the bacteria hiding inside. All you need is a microwave-safe cup or container, liquid dish soap, and your dirty Beautyblender.

Fill your container halfway with water and mix in a good amount of dish soap. Next fully submerge your sponge in the mixture so that it’s at full size, as if you were going to apply makeup. Then set in the microwave for 30 seconds and press start. Wait a couple minutes before grabbing your sponge (it’s hot), then squeeze out the remaining water.

Now this method didn’t clean my Beautyblender completely; I still had a few stains on mine after putting it in the microwave. I will still be washing my sponge as usual, but lots of beauty vloggers swear by this method. If you still want to wash it as usual, you can use one of the several techniques below to cut down on costs instead of buying the Beautyblender brand cleanser.

2. Massage It With Baby Shampoo

Treat your Beautyblender with extra-gentle care to make it last forever (or until it falls apart). The best way to do this is with baby shampoo or any type of baby wash. (A small bottle runs about $2, compared to $18 for the Beautyblender cleanser.) These formulas are specially made for literal babysoft, sensitive skin, so your go-to makeup applicator will be just fine.

After you zap all the bacteria away, run your Beautyblender under water until it’s completely filled up again. Then, squirt some of your baby wash onto your sponge and pat into any areas that you see makeup stains. Make sure to really target the round and pointy ends because we use them almost every day for foundation and concealer. Under running water, squeeze your sponge and watch all the leftover gunk rinse out until it looks clean.

But it’s not—trust me. To get all the makeup that’s really in there, dab on more baby wash and rub the Beautyblender into the palm of your hand. You’ll see brown-colored suds run out of your sponge. Do this until you rub it into your hand and the soap comes out white. Finally, clean at last!

3. Suds It Up With Grease-Fighting Dish Soap

If you don’t want to make a quick Target run for some baby soap, we all have dish soap hiding under our kitchen sink—hopefully with grease-fighting power. You’ll want a grease-fighting dish soap that can stand up to the oils and sebum in your makeup-infested sponge. This beauty guru haphazardly discovered that Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Foam is a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning her Beautyblenders and has sworn off the Beautyblender cleanser in favor of this $3 option.

Repeat the same steps as you would using baby wash (massaging the soap into the sponge, wringing it out, rubbing it into your palm…you know the drill), but with dish soap. Just make sure to rinse out all the soap, as it can be tough on your skin. This method takes all of but five minutes at most, and you come out with spotless, clean Beautyblenders ready for another week of flawless makeup application.

4. Deep Clean With This Two-Step Routine

After watching Michelle Phan’s makeup brush cleaning tutorial, beauty vlogger Tigana took it into her own hands to find out if the same method works on Beautyblenders. Spoiler: It does.

For this two-step process you’ll need aluminum foil, dish soap, and extra virgin olive oil. Set down a sheet of aluminum foil to keep your workspace clean, then apply a quarter-sized amount of dish soap to the foil. Then pour about half as much olive oil into the center of your dish soap. Using your fingers, fold the two liquids together.

Here’s where it can get messy: Push your Beautyblender into the mixture until the whole sponge is soaked. You’ll see stains start to disappear as you continue to rub the mixture into the sponge. Finish by rinsing your sponge under the sink until the water runs clear.

If these super easy, cheap tutorials didn’t convince you to clean your Beautyblender, just think about all the bacteria and old makeup you’re spreading on your face next time you go to apply a fresh coat of foundation. That’s a potential breakout waiting to happen. Convinced yet?