4 Organizations That Will Deliver Your Unwanted Makeup To Women In Need

by Hannah Marsh

4 Organizations That Will Deliver Your Unwanted Makeup To Women In Need

It turns out that barely used makeup of yours can help make some real change.


You know all of those impulse makeup purchases you’ve made while wandering the aisles of Target that ended up being the wrong shade or just never looked quite right? But instead of throwing away that barely used lipstick or fretting about missing the return deadline of your favorite store, what if there were local shelters that you could donate to those products to and organizations that provide for women and girls in need?


It’s your (and your unused eyeliner’s) lucky day. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite places and organizations to donate makeup, beauty, and feminine products to, so you can clean out that beauty drawer and help someone else in the process.


1. Beauty Bus Foundation


The Beauty Bus Foundation was created to deliver beauty products and grooming/pampering services to men, women and children with terminal illnesses. They travel to hospitals and residences to provide these services and every patient gets a “bag of beauty” with up to $150 of donated product.


If you want to support the Beauty Bus Foundation, you can donate online to their payment page or send items straight to their address.


2. Family-to-Family: Share Your Beauty

Share Your Beauty is an organization that takes donated items like soap, makeup, nail polish, etc., and delivers them to women and teens in crisis situations. This includes homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and families who are struggling to overcome extreme poverty. Sure, makeup might not be a necessity, but it can make a world of difference in making someone feel a little more confident and ready to take on life’s trials.


3. Give And Makeup


This London-based non-profit was started in 2010 and delivers donated products through the “Refuge” charity to women and children escaping domestic violence. Check out their website for their donation guidelines, and where to send your gifts to!


4. Local Shelters

Nearly every community in the country has a women’s shelter that is always in need for you to donate makeup, toiletries, and beauty products. Changing the world starts with your own neighborhood!


And if you’re worried about all of the germs and bacteria that can be spread through sharing beauty products, these organizations have thought of that, too! For eyeliners and lipsticks, the tip of the product is broken and re-shaped/sharpened. In addition, lipstick is dipped in alcohol to further sanitize. However, due to the limits of sanitization techniques, only unopened foundations and mascaras are accepted to most places. Always double check the website of whatever organization you’re donating to, just in case!


Sometimes we forget that so many women in our own communities don’t have access to items that are readily available to many of us. Just being given the opportunity to wash their hair, swipe on some lipstick, or not have to worry about how they’re going to get feminine products next month can be so helpful to women going through tough situations. So move along that blue eyeliner pencil your coworker got you for Christmas, and start donating!