4 Of The Strangest Silisponge Makeup Blender Hacks

by admin

4 Of The Strangest Silisponge Makeup Blender Hacks

The internet gives us hacks for everything, and our makeup regimens are no exceptions. Check out these unconventional alternatives to using a silisponge makeup blender!

Throughout the last few months, the beauty world has exploded with the oh-so-popular silisponge makeup blender. And while makeup artists and beauty bloggers have sung its praises for how little of product the silicone sponge wastes, calling it the future of makeup, do you actually need it to get the same results?

Insert: the Internet. The home base for endless amounts of crazy hacks to help us cheat the system in our everyday lives, including our makeup regimens. Wanting to try the silisponge without actually ~trying~ it? Check out the four weirdest hacks we've found that you probably won't even have to go to the store to buy.

1. Condoms

Believe it or not, this isn't the only way beauty bloggers are using condoms for the silisponge. YouTuber Laila Tahiri wrapped her traditional beauty blender sponge in a condom to make it less absorbing.

2. Bra Inserts

The silicone sponge is constantly poked fun at for already looking like a bra insert, so what's the harm in using a real one? Youtuber and beauty expert Dana Dey compares the two on her channel and shows what it looks like when the insert is used to support your makeup instead of your girls.

3. Dr. Scholl's Shoe Insert

From one end of your body to the other, Dr. Scholl apparently can do it all. Makeup artist Stephanie Voltaire takes things a step in a different direction and uses a rubber shoe insert to apply her makeup. Watch the video to find out if it actually works!

4. Nipple Cover

Okay, honestly, just when you think you've seen everything, YouTube swoops in with something like this. Beauty blogger Brianna Lee puts on an entire face of makeup with a single nipple cover. TBH, it looks super easy to use, so to each their own, eh?