5 Easy Makeup Tricks to Fake Looking Awake

by admin

5 Easy Makeup Tricks to Fake Looking Awake

Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and look more awake in the morning? I know I do! These makeup tricks aren't magic, but they will help make you look more refreshed when you're short on sleep.

Do you wake up in the morning and feel like you've barely blinked, let alone got a full eight hours of sleep? Thanks to school, homework, and my job, I feel like that almost every day! But just because I am sleepy doesn't mean I have to look that way. I've perfected a few makeup tricks and techniques to help me look more awake, even when I'm not.

1. Highlighter My best trick for brighter eyes is to highlight the inner corners with a white or shimmery light-color shadow. It reflects the light and creates a dewy effect. You don't need a lot; just a small amount placed near the tear ducts will really help open them up. (Check out this diagram if you're unsure of the proper placement areas.) The color I use most often is "Fringe" from the brand ColourPop because it works well with my light skin tone. You can also highlight the cupid's bow area of your upper lip and add a small amount to your upper cheekbone area with your finger. Tip: Make sure the highlighter you use on your eyes doesn't have pink or purple undertones, or you may end up looking more tired or even sick!

2. Mascara Mascara is one of the best ways to open up the eyes, so I always apply a coat to my upper and lower lashes on days when I'm feeling sleepy (so, pretty much every day). Start at the bottom of the lash line, and wiggle the wand all the way to the tips, making sure to get even coverage. Brush a lash separator through lashes to get rid of clumps as a final step.

3. Visine
The commercials say it "gets the red out," and that's exactly what a girl needs after a long night of studying. After I wash my face in the morning, I'll sometimes add a drop or two of Visine to each eye to brighten them up.

4. Concealer
This is an absolute necessity for covering dark circles under the eyes! Apply concealer with your ring finger (it's typically your weakest finger, so it will cause less wrinkles in the future) or with a makeup blender sponge. The Beautyblender Original Blender Sponge is a good one. Your under-eye concealer should be only a shade or two lighter than your foundation, and it's very important to blend it well.

5. Blush
A pop of color can add life to your entire face, so my final step when I want to look more awake is to add blush to the apples of my cheeks. Don't be too heavy-handed with it! You want to look slightly flushed, like you just finished a light workout, not like you just ran a marathon!

Next time you're tired from a long night of studying, try these makeup tricks so you will look more refreshed for your morning classes! You can find more makeup tips here or on my blog.