7 Best Concealers for Different Skin Types

by Hayley Mason

7 Best Concealers for Different Skin Types

If you’ve been using the same concealer for years, it might be time to try something new (and better). Whether you suffer from acne and blemishes or dark circles or mixed skin types, there’s a new concealer perfect for your skin type.



1. Best Concealer for Custom Blending
Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream, $38
I love this concealer, because it lets me custom blend my own shade for a perfect match. Bonus: Choose between a green or violet concealer. Green covers and minimizes red blemishes and violet hides tanning mishaps and discoloration. Don’t you just love the color wheel?


2. Best Concealer for Dark Circles
Neutrogena Cosmetics Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector, $11.99
This Neutrogena concealer not only hides dark circles around the eyes, but it also treats the eye area with antioxidants and vitamin E. Use the concealer pen to dab dots of product under the eye then tap gently—don’t rub—to blend.


3. Best Concealer for a Range of Shades
Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Stick, $26
This concealer is available in 20 different shades, because ivory, medium, and medium dark are not the only colors in the facial rainbow. And the miniature touch-up stick is a savior. It’s tiny enough to fit in your clutch, and ideal for last minute touch-ups.


4. Best Concealer for Acne and Blemishes
MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer, $18
If full coverage is what you’re looking for, this MAC concealer is the one to get the job done. The concentration provides opaque coverage on blemishes, discoloration, moles, even tattoos. For the best coverage, apply with a small densely packed brush and use fingers to spread the product out.


5. Best Anti-Aging Concealer
Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer, $45
For a concealer that brightens, illuminates, and hydrates fragile aging skin around the eyes, we love Perricone MD No Concealer. The product also has anti-aging ingredients and contains SPF 35.


6. Best Mattifying Concealer
Guinot Correcteur Traitant, $28
An oily face or T-zone is the worst, and covering blemishes with concealer can draw attention to the very thing you’re trying to hide. This concealer takes the worry out of the equation, providing a smooth finish. It also acts as an anti-acne treatment, to kill bacteria and discourage over-productive sebaceous glands. The future is here.


7. Best Concealer for Reducing Redness
Clinique Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder, $34.50
Oh, Clinique. You’re constantly thinking of ways to make me love you. As if the colorful Superprimer Face Primers that correct dull, red, or sallow skin weren’t enough, now there’s a concealer that reduces redness. This is why my Sephora card is used more than my gym membership and library card combined. (Don’t judge an addict.)