7 Weird Ways To Perfect Your Eyebrows That Really Work

by Maggie Dickman

7 Weird Ways To Perfect Your Eyebrows That Really Work

Getting perfect eyebrows doesn’t need to cost a fortune. We found some of the most surprising ways to up your brow game with things you already own.

We all know the typical ways to get those killer Cara Delevingne-inspired perfect eyebrows. Brow pencils, brow gels, combs—you know the list.

But there are some surprising products that you have right now that can help make your eyebrows look top-notch without having to break the bank (or leave the house—a serious win). Here are a few tips to help keep your brows in tip-top shape from the comfort of your own home.

1. Use A Spoon To Arch/Fill Your Brows

This is probably the easiest hack you can find, thanks to YouTuber Roxxsaurus. Place the arch of the spoon directly underneath the arch of your eyebrow. Trace along the edge of the spoon to give your brows a clean line and shape. Seriously, so easy.

2. Shape/Fill Eyebrows Using A Fork

And if you’re not feeling the spoon, then you can grab some other kitchenware. As YouTuber Laura Lee says, forks help guide you as you decide where to fill — front, middle, and end. Once it’s lined up, use the fork’s tongs to help fill in those eyebrows.

3. Hold Brows In Place Using A Bar Of Soap

Yeah, it’s unexpected, but it’s seriously incredible. Soap’s waxy consistency lends itself to perfectly holding your eyebrow hairs in place. Simply dip a spoolie brush into water, rub it on a bar of soap until it’s coated in the waxy cleanser, following YouTuber pixiwoo‘s lead, and ta-da—perfect eyebrows in no time at all.

4. Grow Eyebrows Using Castor Oil

Though it may not be what you’d first expect, castor oil is one of the best products to help stimulate hair growth. Simply follow YouTuber Laura Lee‘s lead: Apply the product using a spoolie brush before you go to bed, and start seeing results in a matter of months. (Trust us: The wait is totally worth it.)

5. Meant-For-Brow Products Work Better With Water

Want to make your brow product go the extra mile? It’s as simple as using a little bit of H₂O. Before using a powder brow filler, dip your eyebrow brush into water to dampen it, as YouTuber mayratouchofglam does. This will help the brush pick up more pigment and make it stick. Use a spoolie to blend, and be amazed by how bold your brows will be.

6. Apply Toothache Medication To Make Tweezing Less Painful

Yep, you read that right. YouTuber Roxxsaurus recommends to apply a little bit of toothache medication or baby teething gel over the areas you’ll be tweezing will help provide a momentary numb to cover up the pinches. If you decide to use a product, just be sure to rinse the area with a warm washcloth after tweezing.

7. Tame Brows (Carefully) Using A Facial Razor

Sometimes nixing those tricky hairs between eyebrows gets a bit time-consuming using tweezers. Our tip? Try a facial razor. As YouTuber Laura Lee says, it can help clean up larger areas, like in-between brows, in no time. Of course, you have to be a little careful… (No one wants to lose a chunk of brow!)

These hacks are seriously easy. Which will you be trying out?