8 YouTube Beauty Gurus You Should Be Watching

by Ivy Boyd

8 YouTube Beauty Gurus You Should Be Watching

YouTube beauty gurus like Michelle Phan, Jaclyn Hill, and Kandee Johnson pioneered the beauty vlogging world. Now, there’s a new crop of makeup-crazy kids in town, and they’re cranking out the tutorials, favorite videos, weekend vlogs, and reviews with the best of ’em. Here are eight you should subscribe to now.





Mallory is the type of YouTuber you want to reach through the screen and hug. I had the pleasure of getting to know her through the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards and instantly loved her personality. She uploads regularly, covers many high-end makeup lines (so you know what’s legit before forking over some serious dough), and does frequent favorite videos, and her adorable dog Chewy occasionally makes an appearance.

Watch Mallory.


Slashed Beauty



Miranda of Slashed Beauty is another friend I made at the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards. We hit it off and even collaborated on a video. Miranda is a full-time college student who focuses on affordable product reviews and easy-to-replicate tutorials. She covers a range of beauty topics from makeup to skincare to hair care.

Watch Slashed Beauty.


Bailey B.



Formerly sincerely linked to Making Up The Midwest, now a Texan, Bailey does a wide variety of tutorials and reviews from drugstore to high-end makeup. She comes across as very professional and straightforward, and she explains things incredibly well. I love how she reviews affordable drugstore products as much as the pricier lines, striking a great balance.

Watch Bailey B.


Dress Yourself Happy



Serein Wu is an LA-based YouTuber and another finalist from the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards who uploads regularly. Her tutorials are simple and clean looks that can appeal to many viewers. She also uploads frequent reviews, first impressions, and favorites videos.

Watch Dress Yourself Happy.


Puffin’s Wife



For those with a more alternative style, you’ll love Puffin’s Wife’s glam-grunge looks. She is a MAC employee who creates gorgeous blended-out smoky eyes and perfect glowing skin. She does a variety of tutorials from avant-garde looks to some serious sexy beat-face looks.

Watch Puffin’s Wife.


Jordan Bone



With her adorable accent, stunning skin, and calm demeanor, you’ll want to binge-watch all her videos. Recently, Jordan shared more about her personal life when she showed viewers why she rarely shows her hands on camera. Jordan suffers from paralysis in her hands but has still found a way to do her makeup flawlessly.

Watch Jordan Bone.


The Beauty Boy



I love The Beauty Boy’s in-depth reviews and foundation-application videos. After a while, I find I totally forget I’m watching a man apply makeup, due to his expert application. He gives objective product feedback and also excellent tips for males wanting to wear makeup. His accent is nice to listen to as well!

Watch The Beauty Boy.





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