9 Custom Beauty Products That Are Made Specially For You

by Hannah Marsh

9 Custom Beauty Products That Are Made Specially For You

One size rarely fits all, and that’s especially true in the world of beauty. Check out some of these beauty brands that are designing customizable formulas that are one-of-a-kind for you!


Function of Beauty Shampoo + Conditioner



To find your perfect Function of Beauty formula, you’ll need to take a short quiz on your hair’s tendencies and select five different goals you have locks. You’ll then get the option to choose a fragrance preference, how potent you want that fragrance to be, and even the colors of the individual bottles!

To buy: Function of Beauty, Shampoo + Conditioner (16 oz. bottles) $46


eSalon “Made For You” Hair Color



By working with a personal colorist and taking into account everything about your hair, from the amount of gray you have, your coloring history, your skin tone and eye color, and of course your hair length and texture, eSalon blends an individual shade that’s perfect for you. They also sell highlight colors and dye for just your roots. And don’t worry, they even include personalized instructions!

To buy: eSalon, $30


Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation/Custom Blend Powder



Put your selfie skills to work with this custom blend foundation from Prescriptives. Chat online with one of the brand’s beauty experts and send over a couple of au natural selfies for them to analyze your undertones, and you’ll have a liquid and/or powder foundation sent straight to your front door.

To buy: Prescriptives, Foundation ($78)/Powder ($58)


Nip + Fab



With several skincare lines dedicated to different needs, and the ability to add different types of “boosts” to your regimen, the Nip + Fab products are ready for whatever your skincare problems are.

To buy: Ulta, Varies by product


Lancôme Le Teint Particulier Custom Foundation



Exclusively at select Nordstrom locations, this one-of-a-kind formula takes away the hastle of hemming and hawing in the foundation aisle. Lancome’s Le Teint Particulier Custom Foundation is created after a Nordstrom beauty advisor scans your skin tone. A machine then blends the formula on-the-spot, and you won’t have to wonder if it works for you.

To buy: Select Nordstrom locations, $80


MatchCo Foundation



When it comes to personalized makeup, of course there’s an app for that. The MatchCo app scans five different areas of your skin, analyzes the understones, and blends a perfectly-matched color to be sent to you. Each bottle is personalized with your name and the date, so you know it was created just for you!

To buy: MatchCo, $50





This ShampYou hair system is pretty simple to figure out. Each person starts out with one of four different scented shampoo bases. From there, you can choose two serums from eight different options that include “Gimme More Moisture,” “Turn Up The Volume,” “Curl Me Up,” “High Definition Blonde,” “Beautiful Brunette,” “Ravishing Red,” “Thermo Straight,” and a scalp balance option called “Back To Your Roots.” Pour the serums of choice into your shampoo bottle, and you’re good to go!

To buy: Ulta, (Shampoo + Two serums) $17


Skin Inc. My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum Set



Each person’s skin is unique to them, and My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum Set from Skin Inc. recognizes just that. By taking a short quiz, you can idenify the three best serums for your skin and combine them to get your perfect formula.

To buy: Skin Inc., $90


The Body Shop Shape Adjusting Drops Liquid Foundation



While we love that more companies are giving us the ability to customize the formulas we’re using on our bodies, it’s no secret that skintones and colors change with the seasons. Don’t let your winter foundation go to waste anymore! Turn an “almost right” shade into the perfect one with these shade adjusting drops from The Body Shop.

To buy: The Body Shop, $20