Adele’s Makeup Artist Just Revealed ALL OF HER SECRETS

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Adele’s Makeup Artist Just Revealed ALL OF HER SECRETS

On YouTube today, Adele's makeup artist, Michael Ashton, spilled all his tips on how to look like you just set fire to the rain.


Hair and makeup artist Michael Ashton has been creating *the look* for Adele since the beginning of her career, and today on fellow makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel, he revealed the secrets to getting Adele's signature beauty look. Next time you hit the town, try out some of his tips and get ready to reap the compliments.

Ashton starts by prepping the skin using a cleansing water to remove any excess oil from the face, a serum and an illuminating balm, like this one from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Next, Ashton shapes the brows and preps the eyelids for a high-contrast, dramatic look using MAC eye enhancements. His favorite shadow palette right now? Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad in Nude Dip. He mixes the two lightest shades together to create a base color for the lid followed by a swash of deep black liner. The trick to getting the sharp, dramatic line Adele is famous for? Ashton starts from the middle of the lid, and stretching the lid to prevent creases, continues to build color to create the swoon-worthy look.

Up next are a blend of natural-looking lashes and a bold mascara. Ashton takes us all by surprise when he states that he actually prefers older mascara because he finds that he's able to get a darker color faster. After that, he goes in AGAIN with another eyeliner, as if it wasn't already bolder and more dramatic than any of us mere peasants have ever been able to attain.

When Ashton is working on Adele's brows, he fills them in with natural brush strokes and finishes them off with a setting eye shadow from his favorite MAC cosmetics eye shadow palette. His ultimate tip? Always start with your eyes first, just in case you make a mistake.

See more of Ashton's tips by watching the entire video below!