All Hail the Queen! This Halloween Elsa Makeup Is Worthy of a Crown

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All Hail the Queen! This Halloween Elsa Makeup Is Worthy of a Crown

Frozen's Elsa is one stylish snow queen, making her a perfect candidate for your next Halloween costume. But even with the perfect gown, gloves, and shoes, this icy heroine wouldn't be complete without strong brows and eyes. Don't worry; we have the perfect Elsa makeup tutorial for any aspiring queen.

Elsa Makeup

This Halloween, channel your inner Frozen snow queen with our easy Elsa makeup tutorial. With a pair of strong brows and bold pink-and-purple eyes, you'll look as if you're straight out of Elsa's home in the chilly Norwegian mountains. (Too bad you don't have the ice palace to match.) Grab a girl friend to play Anna, round up a whole crew to be the entire Frozen cast, or go out on your own just like Elsa herself! But first, make sure your eyebrow game is on point; Elsa's brows are flawless.

Start by gathering up a neutral eye base; eyeshadows in a light color, bright purple, and deep pink; black eye liner; mascara; rosy blush; and a bright pink lip color. Once you're all set up, follow the instructions below.

Elsa Makeup: Steps 1-2

1. Apply a neutral eye base all over your eyelids from lashes to brows. MAC Paint Pot is a great option. It helps keep your eyeshadows in place all day long.

2. Highlight underneath the brows with a light-color eyeshadow.

Elsa Makeup: Steps 3-4

3. Apply a bright purple eyeshadow to the eyelids from lash lines to creases.

4. Using a blending brush, blend a deeper pinkish color into the creases to create a more blown-out effect.

Elsa Makeup: Steps 5-6

5. Line the top and inner rims of your eyes with a black liner.

6. Line the lash lines with the same purple eyeshadow used earlier.

Elsa Makeup: Steps 7-8

7. Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

8. Using a blush brush, apply a rosy cheek color to the apples of your cheeks.

Elsa Makeup: Step 9

9. Finish with a bright pink lip color, and you'll be almost ready to go.

Elsa Makeup: Finished

Simple enough? Now complete the look with an iconic Elsa braid, and you're ready to cast all kinds of icy spells at your next Halloween party. Just be careful not to cause an eternal winter.

Photography by Karla Conrad. Makeup by Bopha Mom-Baccam at Penelopie Beauty Bar.