This Aspiring Makeup Artist’s Illness Isn’t Standing In The Way Of Her Dreams

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This Aspiring Makeup Artist’s Illness Isn’t Standing In The Way Of Her Dreams

Emily Jones is living with an autoimmune disease that confines her to a wheelchair and forces her to use a feeding tube, but she's not letting it get in the way of her goals.

At first glance, Emily Jones' Instagram account looks just like any other aspiring makeup artist's page, complete with some seriously glam looks, on-point highlighter, and lashes that still baffle us how they get them so perfectly curled. But a closer look at one of the 22-year-old makeup artist's fab selfies, you might notice an extra accessory in the photo: her feeding tube.


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At 17-years-old, Jones was confined to a wheelchair due to a rare autoimmune disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (type 3).

Jones told Allure, "It means my joints dislocate ridiculous amounts of times daily. I have to have someone with me to help me with everything, even the simple things."


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After being hospitalized for eight and a half months at 19 because of stomach and intestinal problems caused by her illness, Jones became reliant on a feeding tube and has had it ever since.


My look from yesterday with my new @nyxcosmetics silver glitter which I'm in love with ! 🎀✨ ~ eyes ~ @nyxcosmetics silver glitter and @limecrimemakeup #zodiacglitter in 'Gemini' I used @makeupgeekcosmetics eyeshadows in 'peach smoothie' 'creme brûlée' 'phantom' 'voltage 'wild west' and 'faux fur' and 'showstopper' which is a foiled one! @freedom_makeup eyebrow pomade in 'ash brown' and 'ebony' and the #hdbrowpalette and used the dark brown shade 🙂 @gerardcosmetics eyeliner in 'black' @stilacosmetics smudge stick in 'stingray' and @urbandecaycosmetics highlighter in aura in the inner corner 🙂 @sleek #solisticehighlightingpalette In the shade 'hemisphere' face ~ @lagirlcosmetics concealer in 'porcelain' and 'light ivory' @makeupgeekcosmetics blush in 'XOXO' and contour in 'break up' @lauramercier translucent powder and @rimmellondonuk pressed powder and @morphe 6C contouring palette 🎨 @jeffreestarcosmetics highlighters in 'princess cut' 'ice cold' and @elfcosmetics 'pink gem' baked highlighter I also used 'voltage' as a highlighter on my nose as well ! ~ lips ~ @jeffreestarcosmetics lip bullet in 'unicorn blood' 🎀🦄 all set with @gerardcosmetics #slayalldaysettingspray in 'peach' hope you're all well !

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Her love of makeup started at the same age, and she began to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube to teach herself how to do glittery cut creases and sharp winged liner. She credits Carli Bybel and Nikkie Tutorials with helping her get her start and springboarding her love of makeup and the resulting happiness it gave her to play around with it.

"I try to put lots of drama on my eyes, the other side of my face or on my lips to detract from the tube," she explained to Allure. But the tube is a part of me, and I'm grateful for it as it and the nourishment it gives me when I can't keep anything down myself."


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While she sports some of the fiercest, glitter-fied looks on our Instagram feeds, Jones has to work around her feeding tube when applying makeup.

"I create looks around my tube by leaving a little bit of a gap around the edges so the tape doesn't come off or come loose," she explained.


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We're totally in love with what Emily is doing, and we seriously can't wait to see where her drive and glittery looks take her.

Check out her Instagram account for more gorgeous looks!