This Badass Instagrammer Is Sharing Her Fierce Makeup Skills During Chemo

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This Badass Instagrammer Is Sharing Her Fierce Makeup Skills During Chemo

Amanda Ramirez is fighting chemo by proving that beauty is so much more than skin deep.

Instagram is home to makeup artists whose skills never cease to amaze us. And one woman, in particular, is leading the charge.

Amanda Ramirez, a 22-year-old creative based in California, has a seriously stunning Instagram account. With lipstick always on point and eye makeup that we could only dream to recreate, it's no doubt that she's making waves in the beauty community.


I changed my top, but hey 😊

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However, her story dives deeper than simply her gorgeous beauty looks. Her beauty routine has helped her stay strong — and feel beautiful — through her rounds of chemo after being diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

"Makeup is my escape, it's my reason to get up and feel better," Ramirez tells MORE. "Makeup is art, and I want to paint my pain away, not so much physical but cancer weighs on me emotionally…. so when I beat my face I'm kind of beating cancer."


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And she is no newbie when it comes to makeup. She's been a beauty enthusiast for three years now, and while her makeup skills may inspire beauty gurus all around the world, it's her empowering message that is truly beautiful. By sharing her journey, she's hoping to inspire people who are going through similar situations.

"I feel that when you're approachable and show a bit of vulnerability, then people realize that you're just as human as they are," Ramirez tells MORE. "I took to social media to humanize cancer. Everyone has a negative disposition on a disease that really is just that, a disease. I wanted to create a safe place for anyone going through anything to see what I'm going through and learn to appreciate their everyday struggles. It's been the most beautiful experience, for even harsh blessings are blessings nonetheless."

Not only has she found a way to inspire others, but she's found support through social media as well. "It's quite the euphoric feeling," Ramirez tells MORE. "Getting so much support, well it's definitely humbling and uplifting. I'm extremely thankful for every comment and message and even donation. It's proof that humanity is still very much alive!"

Of course, she has to thank her faith for helping her make it through her journey. She's realized that this situation is helping her grow into a better version of herself, and that even though she may be ill, she's still very much alive.

"You're the only you there is, you can't allow sickness, or a negative body image define you," Ramirez tells MORE. "Look in the mirror and find reasons to love yourself… God made you to be great and you are alive to live so be grateful and appreciate life at all times. Be gracious and be kind."

And clearly, she has the whole beauty thing down — makeup or not. Once she's finished with chemo, she's planning on continuing her work inspiring women, and we can't wait to see her take the fashion and beauty world by storm. "I'm going to dedicate myself to plus size modeling and also empowering women," Ramirez tells MORE. "[Also] Starting my YouTube channel and putting out shirts come the new year — truly going after all my dreams."

As Ramirez has been in chemo, she has been unable to work. If you would like to help her kick Lymphoma's ass, check out her GoFundMe page.