“Baking” is the Best Thing to Happen to Makeup This Year

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“Baking” is the Best Thing to Happen to Makeup This Year

We rarely use this term unless it is associated with cookies in our grandma's kitchen, but baking has a whole new meaning in the world of cosmetics. The new world of baking makeup is simple and makes a huge difference in the way you look.

It seems like just yesterday that contouring was the hottest thing in the beauty industry. We spent hours trying to perfect the makeup skill in our mirrors and now can't imagine our daily regime without it. But a new beauty trend is taking the spotlight: baking your makeup. 

Baking Story

The method of "baking makeup" is new to the women's beauty industry but has been popular with drag queens for years. The purpose of baking and cooking your face is to eliminate any lines, pores, or creases that normal makeup routines miss. With baking, you let the concealer sit on your skin for upwards of ten minutes, allowing your skin to heat up the makeup and absorb it into the lines and pores.

This new technique is much easier to learn than contouring, and it is more than likely you have all the necessary products in your makeup bag right now. To get started, you will need: foundation, a concealer brush, concealer, a beauty blender, a highlighting pen, setting powder, and a triangle sponge.

Baking Steps 1-2

1. Start by applying foundation all over your face, leaving the area underneath your eyes bare.

2. Using a concealer brush, apply concealer in upside-down triangles under your eyes, in the middle of your forehead, on your Cupid's bow and chin, and under your cheekbones.

Baking Steps 3-4

3. Gently press a damp beauty blender into your skin until the concealer is thoroughly blended.

4. Use a highlighting pen to go over the areas you concealed in step 2: under the eyes and cheekbones; on your forehead, Cupid's bow, and chin.

Baking Steps 5-6

5. Again, blend using a damp beauty blender.

6. Apply a setting powder atop the concealer and highlighter using a triangle sponge. Use a lot—you'll brush it away in a little bit. Let it set for a few minutes. This is called "baking."

Baking Step 7

7. While your concealer is baking, contour your cheekbones, hairline, and nose.

Baking Steps 8-9

8. After a few minutes of baking, use a big powder brush to dust away the setting powder from step 4.

9. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Baking Steps Final

Photography by Karla Conrad. Makeup by Bopha Mom-Baccam at Penelopie Beauty Bar.