Beautify Like a Pro: Makeup-Artist Tools to Add to Your Collection

by admin

Beautify Like a Pro: Makeup-Artist Tools to Add to Your Collection

Tucked in their fancy train cases and brush belts, professional products can be intimidating. But don’t let them scare you off. Many makeup-artist tools and products are so foolproof they can work for everyone! Here are the most user-friendly picks.





It’s the squishy, pink sponge you can’t seem to avoid these days! I love using the beautyblender on clients—it’s perfect to apply and blend foundation and concealer—but you can harness that same power. Simply wet this non-latex sponge, wring it out, and use the rounded end to stipple on foundation. Then flip it over, and use the pointed end to apply and blend under-eye concealer. You can also use it to apply BB and CC creams, bronzers, and cream blushes, or to blend out cream contouring. I love that it lays down and blends product in one step! Check out this video for a full demonstration of the almighty beautyblender.


Ben Nye Luxury Powders



If you've spent any time on Instagram or YouTube, you've likely heard the term "banana powder" thrown around quite a bit. Sadly, it isn't some delicious dessert, but it is pretty exciting. The Ben Nye brand is synonymous with professional makeup artistry and theater makeup. And these finely milled, luxury powders are perfect for setting concealer and brightening areas of the face. Powders are available in a variety of colors including the yellow-toned Banana Powder, often used to set highlighted areas of the face, and the Cameo Powder, for people with fair, pink undertones.


Embryolisse Moisturizer and Primer



If your skin is as dry as the Sahara desert, the Embryolisse Moisturizer is just what you’re looking for; but even better, this moisturizing cream doubles as a makeup primer. I use it on my dry-skinned clients or before using a water-based airbrush foundation.


Ben Nye Final Seal



When you need your makeup on serious lockdown, this is the setting spray you should reach for. Ben Nye Final Seal has been used in the theater world for years and even makes appearances in competitive cheerleading and gymnastics. It locks everything in place and leaves a matte finish that really lasts.


Paw Palette



The Paw Palette is about form and function. Not only does it look super cute, it’s also one of the most sanitary ways to mix products and grab foundation with your brush. I just put a dab of foundation on the palette and use a brush for a mess-free application!


RCMA Color Process Foundation



I have used and loved this cream foundation for a few years now. Turns out Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist loves it too! Most liquid foundations contain 8 to 12 percent pigment. These babies have 50 percent! What does that mean for you? It means that you can use this as both a concealer and a full-coverage foundation. Plus, you can sheer it down with a moisturizer if you prefer. But best of all, it looks and photographs like real skin.


Temptu Highlighter



This silicone-based liquid highlighter works both in and outside the airbrush gun. The tiniest dabs onto the tops of your cheekbones and above the cupid’s bow create an unparalleled, ethereal glow.


Z Palette



This customizable magnetic palette is the best way to pack de-potted products. Anything with a metal back, or any surface to which the included magnetic stickers can be affixed, can be popped into this palette. It’s great for traveling and keeping all your go-to colors in one place!