Beauty Gifts Even Your Most Makeup-Obsessed Friends Will Love

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Beauty Gifts Even Your Most Makeup-Obsessed Friends Will Love

Who needs a glam squad when your friend has collected enough beauty products to make her own beauty store? These gifts for women will certainly please the glam guru in your life (because there's no way she's discovered these hidden gems yet), so check out our must-have beauty picks below.


Step Aside, PSL



Stop everything you’re doing because you probably didn’t know that a pumpkin-spice cuticle oil exists. We’re here to inform you that indeed it does, and it’s enriched with Vitamin E, so she might just stop her cuticle-picking habit with this delightful treatment ($18; shopncla.com).

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Pout Princess



You’ve probably only put powder on your face, but why not keep things interesting and test it out on your lips? This melting lip powder comes in four fabulous shades that your makeup maven will fearlessly rock ($19.99; clecosmetics.com).

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Lashed Up



If there’s anything a beauty gal swears by, it’s an out-of-this-world mascara to wake up those tired eyes. She might have that covered, but this kit comes with a bedazzled eyelash curler to take her eye makeup to the next level ($20; sephora.com).

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Sweet Treat



Everyone’s favorite trendy French cookie is finding its way into the makeup store, and we couldn’t be more ready. With dreamy flavors, including strawberry, green apple, and pineapple, you absolutely need to get her all of them. It’s one of our favorite gifts for women, not just because of its knockout price, but also its sheer cuteness ($10; sephora.com).

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Instant Beauty Sleep



The eyes tell all, and if you haven’t gotten any sleep, everyone will notice when they look at you. Help a girl out and give her something that’ll make her sparkle and be work ready in a snap. Our hope is that she’ll have her own sort of metamorphosis post-snooze with this butterfly mask ($5; urbanoutfitters.com).

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Soak Up the Greens



If she’s not the best at eating her greens, help her skin stay radiant with this vitamin-packed face mask from Glossier. Her skin will glow so much everyone will wonder how much green juice she really drinks—the answer is probably none ($22; glossier.com).

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Buzzed Beauty


Buzzed Beauty Body Scrub


As if we needed another reason to be addicted to coffee, this luscious scrub is just what the doctor ordered for a serious skin wake-up call. Other natural, all-holistic ingredients packed inside include lemon, avocado, tea tree, and grapefruit, so she's getting all the skin nutrients she needs ($44; anthropologie.com).


Extra Rosy



It seems everyone is obsessed with roses and rosé these days, so why not take things a step further and smell like a rose, too? These fresh little body mists are the perfect mid-day pick me up and also make for really cute Instagram picks, which is why it tops our list for gifts for women ($16; anthropologie.com).

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True Makeup Addict



She doesn’t necessarily have a consistent beauty regimen because she’s a carefree spirit, but that doesn’t mean she’s not all about makeup. You should treat her to this ultimate makeup sampler kit from Sephora so she can have dabbling ($75; sephora.com).

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Beauty Basics



A flawless face starts with, well, your face! Help her natural beauty shine with this clarifying face cleansing brush that’ll get every last piece of dirt and grime out of her pores. It’s a must-have tool for every woman because it sets the foundation for all the makeup to come ($129; sephora.com).

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