Beauty Secrets from “Sports Illustrated” Model Nina Agdal

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Beauty Secrets from “Sports Illustrated” Model Nina Agdal

Want to be a supermodel or just look like one? Believe it or not, looking like a cover girl is actually quite simple. We chatted with “Sports Illustrated” hottie Nina Agdals to learn all of the tricks of the trade and how you, too, can get men to stop and stare at you (as if they don’t already).

DivineCaroline: What is your number one beauty tip?
Nina Agdal: Stay hydrated. If you’re dehydrated you will automatically lose the glow in your skin.

DC: Before going to bed, do you have a nighttime cleansing ritual and if so what is it? 
NA: Not really. I try to always take off makeup. But I’m also human and sometimes I get lazy. However I do try to encourage people to make it a habit. My ritual is simply washing with water and then spraying rosewater all over.

DC: That’s your trick?
NA: That’s it.

DC: What are some of your favorite go to products for looking picture perfect?
NA: To me having a good brow is very important because it is what frames the most important feature on you, your eyes. EWC has a great new Natural Brow powder, which will make your brows look perfect without looking like you are tried.

DC: On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is makeup?
NA: That depends on how you feel about it. If makeup makes you feel better about yourself then it’s important. For me, it’s not a big deal.

DC: What do you like to wear on a daily basis?
NA: I prefer to keep my face as clean as possible when I am not working. 

DC: What’s your advice for choosing the right blush color for your skin type?
NA: That depends on if you like it to look more natural or you like the look of blush. I personally don’t, so I prefer a light bronzer. 

DC: Can you offer up some suggestions on how to find the right shade of lipstick?
If you want a lot of focus on your lips I would recommend on picking a darker color. I love a dark red for a night out and a more nude color for day events.

DC: I never leave the house without wearing mascara. You never leave the house without wearing … 
… shoes. [Laughs]

DC: Every woman wants to look beautiful. How can she find the right balance of looking natural without wearing too much makeup?
My number one rule is don’t overdo it. Pick one feature you want to put the focus on; the lips, the eyes or the brow. Doing all three to the max will make you look overdone done.

DC: When you are buying makeup, which brands do you like and why?
I like Clinique. My mother got me into that brand from the time I started wearing makeup. I really like Calvin Klein’s CK One makeup too. 

DC: In addition to your successful modeling career you’re also teaming up with European Wax Center. What's your number one tip to avoid redness after a waxing treatment?
European Wax Center reveals beauty, and is all about gorgeous skin. It’s luxury, at an affordable price. As a model, my skin needs to be silky smooth all the time. Their Exclusive comfort wax usually doesn’t irritate your skin. However, if you do get irritated, they have a great calming cream that takes away the redness.