The Best Lipstick Shades for Blondes

by More.com Editors

The Best Lipstick Shades for Blondes

The best lipstick shades for blondes will vary depending on your particular hair color, your skin tone, and how full or thin your lips are. In general, blondes do better to avoid very dark shades of lipstick, though strong colors can look fantastic if they’re applied judiciously.



For ash blondes, the best lipstick shades tend to be rich wine colors. Think merlot, and you’ll be on the right track.



Blondes with the lightest hair color are perfect candidates for bright tones. If you have fair hair and skin, you can get away with a full range of luscious colors ranging from cranberry to mauve to pomegranate.



Rich golden blondes should look for lipstick shades as ripe as a piece of fruit in the sun. If your hair ranges from burnished gold to polished brass, look for apricot, peach, and even coral shades. Strong colors can be diluted by applying the lipstick lightly, blotting it, then slicking on a high gloss. This lessens the punch of the color and makes your lips look soft and kissable.



Olive-skinned blondes or those with a good tan might want to seek out more muted colors like dark peach, light brown, and rust. These can also be muted somewhat with a gloss applied over the lipstick.



The best lipstick shades for blondes with blue eyes should closely follow the standard guidelines, but many women with blond hair are eager to try out the seductive red lipstick that worked so well for the pinup girls of the 1940s. Of course, red lipstick should be used judiciously; be careful not to go too heavy on the eye makeup if you want to emphasize your lips this way.



Blondes looking for a Twiggy effect may opt for a nude-lip look. Get this not by going lipstick-free, but by choosing lip liner and lipstick that are just a shade paler than your natural lip color. Apply several layers, then top the color with a heavy application of clear lip gloss. This look is regaining popularity and allows blondes to go more exotic on the eye makeup while keeping their lips plain.



No matter your hair and skin tones, a rule of thumb is to go lighter if you have thin lips and to go darker if your lips are full. Matte colors are more effective in dark colors, while light shades can be made luminescent with gloss.