Take Your Lashes to New Heights with These 11 Best Mascaras

by Daniela Galvez

Take Your Lashes to New Heights with These 11 Best Mascaras
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Struggling to find your perfect mascara that’ll give you length, volume and definition? Chances are you haven’t been searching for the right product to meet your lash needs. Like most beauty buys, mascaras are not a one-size-fits-all product. What might work for straight-lash gals, might not be the best option for someone simply looking for fullness. Instead of having to try countless options before discovering your ideal mascara, we sorted through thousands of products and narrowed it down to 11 top-rated mascaras that will give you amazing results in the blink of an eye. From a waterproof product that will outlast all your outdoor activities to a cult favorite mascara that reigns on top, you’ll soon be inspired to ditch your lash curler with these 11 best mascaras.
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L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black

If you want to give your lashes some serious length but don’t want to spend the extra cash doing so, there are a lot of great drugstore options hiding at your local CVS or Rite Aid. Take L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black, for instance. Formulated with panthenol and ceramide-R, this product conditions and protects each strand, while giving you five times the volume. With nearly 5,000 five-star reviews raving about its fullness and longevity, it’s no wonder both Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic swear by this drugstore pick that gives her those envious lashes.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The color is the perfect shade of black, and it really lifts and separates each lash. It's perfect for an everyday look, or you can layer on multiple coats for a more dramatic eye.

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Best Drugstore Pick

Lancôme Monsieur Big

Want the volume and length of lash extensions without the damage? Look no further than Lancôme Monsieur Big mascara. Delivering up to twelve times the volume, this high end product gives your strands a faux-lash effect with just one stroke. Aside from making you look like you’re wearing falsies, the formula is designed to not flake or smudge for a full 24 hours. In fact, 95% found this mascara comfortable for all day wear, 90% noted a difference in length, and 91% felt it made their eyes appear bigger. If that’s not enough to convince you to pick up this mascara, let the product’s 1,000-plus positive reviews speak for themselves.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
If you ain’t using this mascara, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and lashes ain’t one! This is some Harry Potter Jedi type mascara, y’all. The second I put this on, I literally gasped out loud. I did add a second layer, but it wasn’t totally necessary.

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Best Luxury Pick

100% PURE Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening

Let’s face it: You can find a lot of toxic chemicals in makeup products. While most mascaras are made up of coal tar, parabens, and other harmful ingredients to the body, 100% PURE has a green alternative that uses fruits and natural ingredients to keep lashes bat-worthy. Formulated with provitamin B5, vitamin E, and oat and wheat proteins, this mascara promotes healthy eyelashes, while giving you the length and volume you crave. More than 2,000 people have tossed their conventional mascaras for this nutrient-rich formula, including a beauty junkie who was looking for synthetic-free mascara that would protect her peepers from irritation.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
've been looking for a natural mascara that doesn't make my eyes itch and actually makes my lashes look good for what seems like forever. This mascara does both and I don't have any problems with it flaking off or transferring through the day.

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Best All-Natural Pick

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash

While some of us were blessed with beautiful, natural lashes, others are lacking in the eyelash department. If you’re looking to take your lashes from short and stumpy to va-va-voom in just one swipe, look no further than Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash. With its patent-pending Hook ‘n’ Roll brush, this $25 mascara coats, lifts, and curls even those hard-to-reach corner lashes for up to 12 hours. Made with lash conditioning ingredients such as provitamin B5 and serin, this mascara boosts your strands’ natural state by helping strengthen, lengthen and thicken lashes over time. Not only has this product claimed the title of best-selling Prestige Curling Mascara in the U.S., but short-lash gals have given it an average rating of 4.2 stars.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I have short lashes so I always have to use a curler but not with this product. My lashes look full and long, almost as good as false lashes.

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Best for Short Lashes

Benefit They're Real! Lengthening

Whether you have light-colored lashes or simply want a subtle touch, brown mascaras are an easy way to enhance your eyes for a more natural appearance. While traditional mascaras add some serious lash drama to any look, brown-hued products like Benefit They're Real! Lengthening help you achieve a 'barely there' complexion. This long-wearing mascara has earned nearly 7,000 five-star reviews thanks to its flexible bristle head that evenly deposits the natural tint to the lashes, while also lifting and separating each strand. In fact, one satisfied shopper even referred to this product as ‘the best mascara I’ve ever owned!’

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I use the brown one for a more natural look, and I use black for a more dramatic look. This lengthens and coats every single lash for added volume. It really opens up my eyes and enhances my natural beauty without hiding my features behind large, blown-out lashes.

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Best Brown Pick

Urban Decay Double Team Special Effect

Feeling playful? Swap your traditional macara for a colored pick like Urban Decay Double Team Special Effect. This double-ended mascara features two shades — a matte and metallic — that when combined create a glistening effect on the lashes that we guarantee will turn heads. While the mascara is not for the faint of heart, beauty aficionados can’t stop raving about how this trendy product adds an electrifying touch to each strand.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is a great addition to my arsenal of creating show-stopping LOOKS and it doesn't smudge or come off during the day! No nasty mascara flakes here.

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Best Colored Pick

Blinc Mascara

Raise your hand if you look for long-lasting curl in mascaras? Now, raise your hand if you also appreciate some volume and length? Luckily, straight-lash gals no longer have to choose with the cult favorite Blinc Mascara. This innovative product has tiny water-resistant "tubes" that bind to your lashes for maximum hold and volume. Not only does this product give your downward-facing lashes an instant lift, the smudge-proof mascara can last all day with no re-application necessary.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I also have very straight lashes and this will not deflate my curl.

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Best for Straight Lashes

Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara

Get ready to take your lashes to the next level with Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara. Infused with a hemp-derived cannabis oil, this bad boy adheres to your strands for instant volume with no fall out. While most mascaras tend to clump after more than a couple of coats, this nourishing mascara lets you build up the product until you reach your desired volume.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This mascara gives me the equivalent of a fifteen-second-base curl on the first wiggling swipe, an extra 1/8" length on the second, and double volume on the third.

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Best for Volume

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof

Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to prepare for your upcoming pool party. If you’re planning on wearing makeup to your splash-tastic event, you might want to consider reaching for a waterproof mascara like CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof. With its budge-free formula, this drugstore pick will prevent the mascara from smudging and flaking when exposed to water, which often results in those dreaded racoon eyes. More than 1,000 people have left rave reviews for this mascara, including one woman who claim it can withstand an entire day of sweating.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This product elevates my lashes in length, fullness and curl while ensuring there is no smudging. I can dance and sweat all night, jump in a pool and then go to bed and could wake up with my mascara looking the same when it was first done.

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Best Waterproof Pick

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1

You no longer have to give up comfort when it comes to mascara. Whether you’re a contact lens-wearer or have extremely sensitive skin, Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 is an ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested mascara that won’t cause irritation. Not only does this vegan product lengthen, curl, and volumize, it also softens and nourishes the strands thanks to all the lash-loving ingredients in its formula. More than 3,000 shoppers have gotten thicker lashes without stinging, irritation or redness. Just ask one beauty junkie, who had given up on wearing mascara entirely due to extreme eye sensitivity, before discovering this hypoallergenic product.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Between contact lenses and allergies, every mascara on the market seemed to make my eyes itch, water, or burn...I tried Lights, Camera, Lashes on a recommendation from an associate at my local store, and have now purchased several tubes without any reaction at all!

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Best for Sensitive Eyes

Too Faced Better Than Sex

We can’t talk about mascara without mentioning Too Faced Better Than Sex. Sold every 7.5 seconds, this cult-favorite product quickly earned holy grail status thanks to it’s volumizing formula that provides root-to-tip coverage for a faux-lash effect. What makes this product unique from others in the market, is its hourglass-shaped brush that is designed to hit specific areas of the lashes to maximize length and fullness. More than 6,000 people have given this mascara a five-star review, including some who agree the product lives up to its provocative name.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Sometimes, this truly is better than sex! I love everything about this product. The packaging, the name of the product and the fact that it makes my lashes long and voluminous.