Best Wedding Makeup Tips

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Best Wedding Makeup Tips

A wedding isn’t the time to try some new avant-garde makeup technique. The best wedding makeup tips make the bride look wholesome and fresh on her big day. Rather than go overboard on a dramatic look, concentrate on creating the appearance of flawless skin, discreet coloring, and tasteful hair.

Because you’ll be hugging a lot of people and wearing a dress that’s likely to be heavy and hot, opt for a powder-based foundation, which is more likely to stay put than the liquid or cream types. Apply lightly and evenly, and blend well down into the décolletage. Add a little shimmer to the cleavage and the cheekbones, but not too much. Choose a color that is just a shade paler than your natural skin tone for best results.

Blush should be applied very sparingly. You don’t want to look like a ghost, but looking like a clown is even worse. Again, the key here is to blend as much as possible and make your cheek color look as natural as you can. Use highlight on the cheekbones to make them stand out, and hit the bridge of the nose and the brow line, too, to create flattering contours.

Eye makeup should be tasteful and muted. Consider using cream, pearl, or gray eye shadow blended carefully so the effect is luminous. Eyeliner should be applied very carefully, aiming to let the eyes stand out rather than make them over-dramatic. As for mascara, a volumizing mascara should be used first, followed by a lengthening mascara to make your eyes look wide and adoring.

Lipstick should also be demure—the wedding aisle is not the place for siren red. Depending on the color of your eyes, skin, and hair, choose a soft peach or apricot, or a very pale rose lipstick color with matching lip liner and a light gloss top coat. Your lips should look soft and kissable, not overtly seductive. Have a bridesmaid hold the lipstick for quick reapplication, as you’ll be kissing lots of well-wishers before the night is out and touch-ups will almost certainly be required.

Nails should be carefully manicured and shaped, preferably in ovals so there is no chance of snagging them on your dress or veil. Pale pink or cream polish is a good choice, as are modest French tips. Paint your toenails to match if you’re wearing an open-toed shoe or strappy sandal.

Finally, style your hair as elaborately or as simply as you want, but use a good hairspray to keep it in place during the ceremony and reception (but not so much that it gets tacky!). These are the best wedding makeup tips that will ensure your special day goes off without a hitch.

Written by Grace Alexander