Blake Lively Shared The Beauty Hack Behind Her MTV VMAs Makeup Glow

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Blake Lively Shared The Beauty Hack Behind Her MTV VMAs Makeup Glow

Blake Lively uses this makeup tool to achieve flawless makeup application every day, and it’s a super easy hack to steal.

As a red carpet goddess on the regular, Blake Lively has learned one or two secrets to nailing her signature makeup glow. Last night while getting ready for her appearance at the MTV VMAs, she shared her top beauty hack for her flawless makeup application in an Instagram story. And let’s just say we were all ears.

So what’s Blake Lively’s makeup holy grail? It’s The Makeup Light, a portable LED light stand that mimics daylight, so you can set it up while you (or your glam squad, if you’re as lucky as Blake) do your makeup It’s easy to pack up and take on the go, so you always have the perfect lighting for smooth, flawless makeup application no matter where you are.


“If you don’t do your makeup in great light, you walk outside and you look crazy,” Lively says in her Instagram story. And the Makeup Light has been her great light godsend for years.

If you want to get in on this beauty hack, you’re not alone. The Makeup Light website crashed last night due to Blake’s clamouring fans wanting to steal her secret weapon, but it’s back up and running for you to make your move. While a professional quality tool like this doesn’t come cheap—The Makeup Light’s packages start at $290 and go up to $1,399—Blake’s ever-stunning makeup should show that it works.

If you don’t currently have the cash to shell out for Blake Lively’s go-to brand, don’t worry. We’ve found five other lighting products for flawless makeup application!

Round makeup mirror with lights

Get ready everyday like a silver screen star with this retro-style mirror with lights.

Chende Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror, Amazon, $289

LED 60W light bulbs

Replace your existing bathroom lights with “daylight” bulbs for perfect natural-seeming light.

Great Value LED Light Bulbs 8.5W Daylight, Walmart, $5.97

Black light up phone case

Dark lighting at the bar and need a touch up? Use this phone case.

LuMee Original Light Up Case, Amazon, $39.95

Wall mount makeup mirror

Alleviate space on your counter with this wall-mounted, lighted makeup mirror.

Jerdon Wall Mount Makeup Mirror, Amazon, $101.84

Round LED counter top mirror

This mirror has 100+ five-star ratings.

Eight Inch Sensor Mirror With Brightness Control, Nordstrom, $200