Blonde Eyebrows 101: Defining, Shaping and Filling Like a Pro

by Ivy Boyd

Blonde Eyebrows 101: Defining, Shaping and Filling Like a Pro

Calling all blondies! Does your hair’s flaxen hue make you nervous when it comes to brow definition? We get it—you don’t want to go too light or too dark, but you still want to look as though you have eyebrows. Here are a few tips on upping your brow game if you’re a blonde.


When you’re rocking blonde eyebrows, brow product color can be your first tough choice. No worries—that’s what I’m here for! Look to your root color to guide you. If you’re more platinum blonde, or formerly brunette, think light ashy taupe. If you’re more of a sunny, strawberry blonde, go for a shade with a bit more caramel undertone.


Blonde Eyebrows 101 - Steps 1-2


1. A foolproof way to ensure proper placement is to mark out your brows using the 3-point method. Hold a makeup brush or pencil parallel to the dimple on the side of your nose. Make a short mark there with a flesh-tone liner or concealer pencil. Next, hold your measurement tool at an angle, marking a second line at the outside edge of your iris. For the last marking, hold the pencil diagonally, beginning at the outer corner of your nose. This is where your brow should end.


2. Begin working in short strokes from the underside of the brow; start to build up toward the arch. I like to make a straight line on the underside first. You can use a brow pencil like the Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil if you prefer, but I am using Anastasia Dipbrow in Taupe and an angled synthetic brush.


Blonde Eyebrows 101 - Steps 3-4


3. Finish the brow by tapering off at the tail.


4. Now we’re going to highlight and sharpen the brow shape. This is all about brows on fleek. Using a concealer pencil one shade lighter than your skin tone, sketch above and below the brow.


Blonde Eyebrows 101 - Step 5


5. Using a flat, synthetic brush, blend out your concealer. You can use the brush to sharpen the edges and fix mistakes if needed. Finally, set your brows with a clear brow gel to really lock them in.


Now you can go hashtag all your Instagram pictures with #BrowGameStrong and #BrowsOnPoint. Happy brows-ing!