BREAKING: Urban Decay + Disney Are Collaborating Again (!!!)

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BREAKING: Urban Decay + Disney Are Collaborating Again (!!!)

Disney fans: Your makeup collection is about to get a lot bolder. With Alice Through the Looking Glass releasing in theaters next month, Urban Decay is preparing a new shadow palette and five lip shades that are to die for. Get excited and get ready to jump down the rabbit hole again.

Alright, Disney fans! It's time for a little madness.

If you're as obsessed with Alice and Wonderland as we are, today may just be the best day ever. You may remember that in 2010 Disney and Urban Decay paired up to create an out of this world eye palette with wild colors, intricate illustrations, and a packaging design that beauty addicts to this day still swoon over. Pop-up book-style decorations made for showstopping designs on the lid, eyeliners and lid primers and the vibrancy was glamorous to say the least. The highly-anticipated collection sold out mere minutes after it's release, making it a highly-coveted collector's item. With the upcoming sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass releasing in theaters on May 27th comes another palette based on the whirlwind adventure, and it's bound to be even better than before. In addition, rumor has it that the pair are also adding five high-pigment lip shades, so it really does just keep getting better and better.

Thefounding partner of Urban Decay, Wende Zomnir released the photo below to curb our appetites. While we more than appreciate the sneak peek, we don't think we're the only ones who can't wait to see more, for as you can tell, details are few and far between. From what we've seen so far, the main colors making an appearance this time around are shimmery greens and deep purples, an enchanting combination for an even more enchanting tale that has always proved to us that "Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality."


UD is going back down the rabbit hole! #UDinwonderland

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Official photos of the collection will be released April 19th so keep your eyes peeled and your credit cards at the ready–these definitely won't last long–and we all know you don't want to be late for such a very important date!