Choosing the Right Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

by More How-tos

Choosing the Right Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

Choosing the right eye shadow for blue eyes has more to do with your eye color, hair color, and complexion than with your outfit. The best eye-shadow colors are generally on the opposite side of the color wheel from your eye color; they should be shifted toward the warmer or cooler hues depending on your hair color and skin tone.




For fair-skinned blondes with blue eyes, eye-shadow colors in rich browns and warm pinks or plums are appropriate. Use brown eyeliner instead of black and apply mascara generously. You can make blue eyes pop by using a subtle shade of eye shadow with a richer color in the fold so you get a flash of pink or gold when you blink.


For fair-skinned, dark-haired women with blue eyes, eyes-shadow shades can go bolder, with metallic golds and brighter pinks. Use darker eyeliner and mascara and a lash lengthener if possible. You can get very dramatic eyes by plucking the eyebrow into an arch and using a subtle color up to the brow bone, with a darker color blended in close to the lash line. For a sultry nightclub look, smudge a little eye shadow just under the lower lash line as well.


Redheads with blue eyes will find that dark rust and copper shades work best, perhaps with a little sage green for accent. Brown eyeliner and mascara softens the eyes and lets the eye shadow do the work. Go heavy with the darker colors along the lash line and try a shimmery shadow in a paler color up to the brow bone for the best possible effect.


If you’re a blue-eyed brunette with a summer tan, eye shadow in richer shades should be used to create eyes that pop. Try a deep peach or plum, or go glam with a silvery shadow and a striking dash of a brighter color in the crease. Black or brown mascara and eyeliner can be used, depending on the shade of eye shadow. Don’t be afraid to experiment—try feathering your eye shadow from the outside corner of your eyes to the outer edge of your eyebrow.


Choosing the right eye shadow for blue eyes can be fun if you get away from the traditional and allow yourself some freedom. Instead of drowning out your blue eyes, use shadow to accentuate them so everyone can see how gorgeous they are. By following the rule of choosing a contrasting color, you can increase your “eye appeal” and always look your best.


Written by Grace Alexander