Choosing the Right Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

by More How-tos

Choosing the Right Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

Choosing the right eye shadow for brown eyes means taking into account the strength of your eye color, your complexion, and your hair color; the question of what you’re wearing is the last thing you should consider. You want to use an eye shadow that’s as different as possible from your natural eye color. You can use warmer or cooler shades depending on the occasion, the time of day, and your desired look.




For fair-skinned blondes with brown eyes, eye-shadow colors in pale blue and lavender are ideal. Use black eyeliner and mascara, and a lash lengthener if needed. You can help brown eyes stand out by feathering a softer pearl or gray eye shadow up to the brow bone and then blending to a darker blue or pale purple near the lash line.


Women with fair skin and black hair who have brown eyes can go with a stronger eye-shadow shade. Try a deep purple, blue, or even green, and play with metallic shades as well. You can smudge a little dark eye shadow the same color as your liner just under the lower lash line for added dramatic effect. Use a black mascara and eyeliner, and consider plucking your eyebrows slightly to frame your eyes.


For redheads with brown eyes, eye-shadow colors straight from nature are perfect. Try forest greens and midnight blues; blend them with paler shades for day wear and with darker shades for nightclub wear. Go heavy with the darker colors along the lash line and try a shimmery eye shadow in a paler color up to the brow bone for the best effect. A dusting of glitter across your lids paired with a similar shimmer in your cleavage is a great look.


Tanned brunettes with brown eyes should look for eye shadows that are creamy and bright. Pale lavender or rich sea green looks great; you can add a cool off-white or gray underneath and blend for a smoky effect. Use dark brown eyeliner and double up on the mascara for long, full lashes. Hit the brow bone with a little highlighter, smudge your eyeliner on the lower lash line, and you’re ready to go.


Choosing the right eye shadow for brown eyes should be an adventure. You can use colors from all over the palette and experiment with blending different shades. Don’t forget that you can always put a swipe of a contrasting color in the crease for a flash effect when you blink. Using an eye shadow for brown eyes that adds color lets you create a flattering look that will bring people’s attention to your face and keep it there.


Written by Grace Alexander