Choosing the Right Eye Shadow for Gray Eyes

by More.com editors

Choosing the Right Eye Shadow for Gray Eyes

They may not have inspired as many songs as their blue, green, or even brown counterparts, but gray eyes can be stunningly beautiful and unique.


1. Embrace your eye color. Deciding to like your eye color, whatever it may be, is the first step toward learning to play up your best assets. Gray eyes, while not as commonly celebrated as some other eye colors, can be sultry and mysterious, and deserve to be treasured. It took me awhile to be able to say that my gray eyes are my favorite feature, but now I’d yell it proudly from the hilltops.

2. Accept the limitations. The options for playing up your steely grays are somewhat limited in comparison to other eye colors. Someone with green eyes that are flecked with gold, for example, can go with any number of color combinations to create both subtle and bold looks that will flatter and accentuate. I’ve found that only a few colors really flatter gray eyes well, which means that I no longer experiment with every new shadow that hits the market.

3. Work with cool tones. When it comes to playing up my gray eyes, I usually go with one of two methods. I either work with my eye color to create a subtler look, or I go for a bolder look by choosing a color that contrasts with my eyes. For a subtle look, I rely on pearly gray shadows for day and dark charcoal for night. Because my gray eyes have a hint of blue, I like to play that up by lining my eyes with a navy shadow. Blue eye shadow isn’t as popular as it was back in the 1980s, but if you stick with subtle gray-blue shades, you can create a flattering look for gray eyes without looking dated. Other cool shades can also flatter gray eyes, including a sheer light purple on the lids and a deep eggplant along the lash line.

4. Go bold. Another way I like to play up my eyes is by going for bold contrast. A dark brown is a great way to really make light-gray eyes pop and create a sultry look. I also like to create a mysterious smoky eye using a highlight shadow along the brow line, a purplish/mauve color on the lid, and a dark brown in the crease and along the lash line.

Remember, the right shadow can draw attention to your eyes and create a polished look, but there is also something to be said for having fun with your makeup. Occasionally, I like to try an eye-shadow color just because I love it, not because of what it does for my eyes.