The Correct Way To Apply Eyeliner For 6 Different Eye Shapes

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The Correct Way To Apply Eyeliner For 6 Different Eye Shapes

Applying eyeliner is not a one-size-fits-all deal. We've got all of the beauty tricks you need to learn how to play up your most alluring feature!

The eyes are the first thing many notice about a person, so enhancing them will really make your look pop. Turns out, though, we've all been applying eyeliner wrong since basically forever.

Your eye shape plays a huge part in your eyeliner routine, and tips and tricks based on that shape can transform your entire style. Just take it from your favorite celebs who have nailed their liner look. Find out your eye shape and decipher the ultimate eyeliner tips for a stand-out, confident self.

Almond-Shaped Eyes


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  • Is this you? People with almond shaped eyes have eyes that, well… resemble an almond. They're pretty symmetrical and normally have an outer corner that slightly sweeps upward.
  • Play them up! An almond eye shape is considered to be one of the most versatile shapes for makeup application! However, going for a winged eyeliner look can definitely play up the curves of your eyes. If you have smaller eyes, opt for a thinner line, while larger eyes can handle a thicker one!

Wide Set Eyes


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  • Is this you? Wide set eyes are identified by the space between being a greater distance apart than the length of an eye.
  • Play them up! Line both your top and bottom lashes until they meet at the inner corner of your eyes, drawing focus toward the central part of your face.

Close Set Eyes


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  • Is this you? Close set shapes occur when the distance between eyes is narrower than the length of one eyeball.
  • Play them up! Try lining both your top and bottom lashes, but only apply from your mid-eye to the outer corners. This will help really draw the focus more outward! Using a bright, nude-colored liner/shadow on the inner corners is also a gorgeous way to add the illusion of distance.

Round Eyes


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  • Is this you? If you have round eyes, the whites of your iris will be visible around your eye when you're looking straight ahead.
  • Play them up! Apply line from the inner corner all the way outward, ending with more of a straight line or a small cat eye to lengthen your look. Really play up your top lashes and outer corners, and go for a soft and/or lighter hue on the bottom lashes!

Monolid Eyes


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  • Is this you? People with a monolid eye shape have smaller eyelids and a lesser defined eye socket (crease). Their brow bones are also less prominent.
  • Play them up! When applying your eyeliner, start with a thin line at the inner corner of your eye and make it thicker as you move outward. Using liquid liner can dramatically change what your application looks like, too! If you're feeling bold, go for a winged or cat-eyed look — both are absolutely stunning on this eye shape!

Hooded Eyes


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  • Is this you? Hooded eye shapes can be identified by the fold of skin that droops over the eyelid crease. When looking straight ahead at a mirror, people with this eye shape will not be able to see most/any of their eyelid.
  • Play them up! Thick lines right at the base of your lashes are a great way to enhance hooded eyes. On the top lashes, go for a thicker line toward the center, thinning it out as you move outward to really create a nice curved illusion. Opting for little-to-no eyeliner on the bottom lashes to avoid closing off your eyes and making them look smaller!