Crayola’s Makeup Collection Encourages Grown-Ups To Color Outside The Lines

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Crayola’s Makeup Collection Encourages Grown-Ups To Color Outside The Lines

Remember looking like a boss when you pulled out a 64-count box of Crayola crayons in elementary school? Crayola is back, and this time with a 54-piece makeup collection that encourages play.

In Pre-K, nothing beat opening a fresh box of Crayola crayons. And being the young Picasso that I was, I grinded those colorful paraffins down to the nubs every time. So naturally, I’m giddy with nostalgia at the news that Asos has dropped an exclusive makeup collection with Crayola this week. And forget that 64-pack of crayons, because this collection has 95 colors. That’s the sound of your inner child squealing.



The Asos x Crayola collection has a grand total of 58 pieces that are all vegan and less than the budget friendly price point of $40. True to its crayon roots, Crayola created a highly pigmented assortment of face, lip, and cheek crayons, eyeshadow palettes, brushes, highlighters, and mascaras in a colossal 95 shades.

Better yet: The packaging of the Crayola Beauty Color Crayon Trio packs are the classic yellow boxes that you know and love.

crayola face crayons

Crayola Color Crayon Trio Macaron – Face Crayons, Asos, $29

I mean come on, how cute are they?!

What’s more to love is that all the color names—including Dandelion, Mauvelous, Very Cherry, Tumbleweed, Bittersweet, Outer Space, and Mango Tango—all come from the names of real Crayola crayons.

Better yet this collection is not only vegan and cruelty-free, but it celebrates gender fluidity, with the campaign showing men and women rocking these eye-catching products.


Want in on the color action? Scroll down to shop my favorite products from Asos x Crayola makeup collection.

Crayola eyeshadow palette

Crayola Eyeshadow Palette Mermaid, Asos, $29

Crayola Color Crayon Lips & Cheek Trio

Crayola Color Crayon Trio Wild Fruits – Lips & Cheek, Asos, $29

Crayola Makeup Brush and Pencil Case Set

Crayola Makeup Brush and Pencil Case Set, Asos, $40

Crayola Face Crayon in Periwinkle

Crayola Face Crayon – Periwinkle, Asos, $14.50

Crayola Mascara

Crayola Mascara – Turquoise Blue, Asos, $16

Crayola Highlighter Crayon

Crayola Highlighter Crayon – Shimmering Blush, Asos, $17.50

You better act fast, unlike that old-school box of crayons, this collection is only around for a limited time!