Crystal Lip Art Is The Mesmerizing Makeup Trend You Have To See

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Crystal Lip Art Is The Mesmerizing Makeup Trend You Have To See

Forget the statement necklaces and salt rock lamps — it's time to take gemstones to the next level. Check out this incredible crystal-inspired lip art and let your face do the talking.

As far as fall beauty trends go, we've already seen autumnal hair colors and ear makeup steal the show, so it's about time we gave the lips some well-deserved attention. And trust us, you're not going to be able to look away from this jaw-droppingly gorgeous lip art.

Johannah, a New York-based makeup artist, dreams up these insanely beautiful crystal-inspired lip art designs. She combines little crystal bits paired with her arsenal of lip products to produce these frame-worthy, lip-smackingly good looks. Seriously, we didn't know this level of makeup mastery existed until now.

We almost mistook those lips for real-life crystals, they're so damn realistic.



We already know metallics are back in style, so why not dress up your lips for the season as well?

We just can't stop staring. Where do we sign up for our makeover?

Keeping with the geode-inspired motif, Australian professional makeup artist Genevieve Jauquet also creates some absolutely incredible crystal lips. Employing beauty staples such as liquid lipstick, glitter flecks, and eye shadows, her lip designs merit gold medals.

Wow. Just… wow.


 P Y R I T E  __ Fool's Gold or Pyrite was the stone to begin my collection when I was a child. My Mum would buy a special little geology information package for me and each issue included a different stone. I was instantly enamoured with Pyrite  __ @mehronmakeup #MetallicPowder in #silver and #gold mixed to create this muted semi gold shade, then made into liquid with @mehronmakeup mixing medium and applied with @smithcosmetics brush in #304 __ For the texture and shapes I cut up sequins in tiny pieces and glued them on, then applied my @mehronmakeup mixture over the top which by that stage it was starting to dry and turn lumpy so it gave me some extra lovely textured areas  __ Final step was some glitter randomly spread and clear gloss only in certain areas __ #VALsquad #VALidate #VALsquadchallenge #beartistic #becreative #geologylips #bohemian #gypsy #crystals #gemstones #minerals #crystallove #jewels #boho #gyspylife #healingcrystals #spiritstone #crystallips #gemstonelips

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You'd be the ultimate golden girl if you sport that look.

Those lips are probably prettier than that paper weight you've been eyeing, TBH.

Excuse us while we drown in this lip art beauty madness. Which look is your favorite?