Drop Everything! This Incredible Lip Art Will Blow Your Mind

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Drop Everything! This Incredible Lip Art Will Blow Your Mind

Instagram revolutionized the beauty industry for hair and nail stylists, and recently it's blowing our mind with lip art accounts. Especially the designs by Miss Jazmina.

With her Instagram account having over 700,000 followers, this makeup artist isn't new to the beauty industry. For years, Miss Jazmina captivated us with her incredible makeup looks. But now, she's receiving a lot of attention for her detailed lip art designs. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 14, forcing her to leave school, Jazmina began to play with makeup to pass the time. It was then she began to try out some of the drawings on her lips. Her daily, go-to beauty regimen consists of a tinted moisturizer, a bit of mascara and a sheer lipstick or balm, but it's her incredible stand-out makeovers that draw people to her. One of her specialties is creating film-inspired lip art in order to bring some of her favorite movies to life. 

"I see how people also love these movies, so to see them love these designs makes me even happier to do them!" Jazmina told MORE.

While all of her designs get a ton of positive reactions, this Harry Potter look is definitely a fan favorite:


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As well as this stunning holographic lip art:


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And who could forget this one inspired by The Little Mermaid:


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 And how could we go without mentioning this precious UP-inspired look?

To create the perfect lip design, Jazmina reminded MORE readers that it's vital to have your lips hydrated before applying lipstick, especially if it's liquid.

"I make sure I apply a lip balm before I start my makeup, and when it comes time to doing my lipstick I gently pat down my lips with a tissue and then apply my lipstick," she told MORE of her beauty tips. "It keeps my lips from getting too dry throughout the day/night." TBH, we'll follow any tip she'd tell us if we can get lips that look like these! 


Ugh. They just don't stop. 







Lip Art Inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ☄️#starwars #gorogue #lucasfilms #disney #lipart

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Miss Jazmina's fans have enjoyed being part of her world so much, she decided to launch a YouTube channel just a few months ago, which already has over 20,000 subscribers. But the blogger enjoys her work just as much as her followers. Her favorite products include: Feral Cosmetics Lustful Liquid Matte Lipstick in Perfect Brick Red ("It's perfect for day or night!"), Nars Cosmetics' Sheer Lisptick Dolce Vita ("Perfect everyday sheer lipstick for when you're on the run,") and Jefree Starr Cosmetics Blue Velvet Velour Liquid Lipstick ("For when you're feeling adventurous").

"Not only do I get to play with  makeup all day creating my art, but I get to share my passion with my followers," she told MORE. "It's important to just have fun, get creative, try new things, don't get caught up in trends and most importantly do what makes you feel good." We'll blow a film-inspired kiss to that! 

See more of her amazing looks on her Instagram page.