Easy Everyday Eye Makeup for Blue-Eyed Gals

by Ivy Boyd

Easy Everyday Eye Makeup for Blue-Eyed Gals

Eye makeup for blue eyes is so easy when you simply choose the right color. This look will make blue eyes look bluer than ever, and anyone can do it.


Lucky you, with your baby blues! It doesn’t take much eye makeup to create an everyday look that makes maximum impact! Since your eyes are a cool color, using a warm shade on your lids will provide a dramatic contrast. Think: copper, rose gold, and peach.


By simply choosing a contrasting shade, you can get by with less makeup since the color wheel is doing all the work for you. Here’s how to get the look.



Easy Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

1. First, define your crease with a matte, peachy brown shadow like Stila’s Puppy. This will add subtle dimension to the eye area.


2. Next, dip your finger into a coppery shade like L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Amber Rush, and pat all over the lid, lash line to crease. I am obsessed with this eyeshadow. The color is the most beautiful rose gold, the texture is heavenly, and the price can’t be beat. (Can you tell you how much it thrills me when I find a drugstore product that performs like a pro?)


Easy Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes


3. Now apply a generous coat of mascara to bottom and top lashes. Since we’re keeping this look clean and simple and skipping liner, you’ll want to make sure lashes are well defined. You can certainly wear liner if you wish, but keep it thin and choose chocolate brown over black for even more color contrast!


4. Now you’ve got a crazy-easy, go-to look that took no time at all. Go bat those blues, and practice saying, “Yes, it’s my real eye color!”



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