Easy Eye Makeup for Gorgeous Green Eyes

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Easy Eye Makeup for Gorgeous Green Eyes

Choosing the right shadow colors for green eyes is as easy as looking to the color wheel! While red is opposite green, you don't need to use cherry-colored shadows. However, red-based purples, plums and burgundy shades will do wonders for green eyes. We'll help you pick makeup for green eyes and provide a tutorial so you're sure to look your green-eyed best.

Green eyes are at their most fierce when accented with plum, eggplant and burgundy shades. Be best friends with these red-based purples, and you'll find the right makeup for green eyes. Even if your eyes are hazel, place those colors on your lids and amplify the green!

Eye Makeup for Green Eyes: Steps 1 & 2

1. First, work a matte light brown color into the crease. This serves as a transition color and will create a nice gradation for the other colors. I used Makeup Geek's Latte.

2. Next, apply a dusty purple shade like Makeup Geek's Unexpected to the lid with a flat shader brush, bringing it up to meet the crease.

Eye Makeup for Green Eyes: Steps 3 & 4

3. Now, take a fluffy blending brush and work a darker plum shade into just the outer corner. You can bring it into the crease ever so slightly. I used Makeup Geek's Sensuous, which has a little shimmer to it. Don't be afraid to mix matte and shimmer textures!

4. Thinly line your top lash line with an eggplant-colored pencil liner. I used a Stila Smudgestick in Aubergine. Focus on creating a line that is thin to thick.

Eye Makeup for Green Eyes: Steps 5 & 6

5. Line the lower lash line with the same liner but only three-fourths of the way in. You can lightly smudge this line with your finger to soften it.

6. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

Wasn't that so easy? Your green peepers are now lit up beautifully. All it took was picking the right colors! For more pro makeup tips from Ivy, go to Wake Up for Makeup.