Easy Makeup Tricks for Enhancing Small Features

by admin

Easy Makeup Tricks for Enhancing Small Features

If your eyes are smaller than you'd prefer or your lips are on the thin side, a little makeup is all you need to enhance and enlarge your delicate features. We have all the tricks you need to achieve the look you want.


Before&After Make Up

You don't have to be a makeup expert to start getting the result you want out of your beauty routine. In fact, a few simple tricks will get you well on your way toward the look of your dreams. If you want the appearance of larger eyes and lips—without trying the Kylie Jenner challenge—follow these basic steps.

Make Up Tricks Step 1&2

1. First, apply a midtone matte tan shadow just above your crease to create more depth and dimension in this area. This is especially impactful on hooded eye shapes as it creates more vertical visual interest on small features like narrow eyes. Take the color out as far as the end of your brow to maximize the entire eye area, visually enlarging it. This is a trick from Francois Nars, who believes most people don't realize the eye area extends all the way out to the brow's end.

2. Press a light-reflecting loose pigment in a universally flattering champagne tone all over the lid. This will catch and reflect the light, giving the appearance of wider, more open eyes.

Make Up Tricks Step 3&4

3. To further create the illusion of a larger eye area, extend your eyeliner past the corner of your eye and wing it up slightly.

4. Curl lashes and apply mascara as usual. Curling your eyelashes will make a huge difference, so don't skip it!

Make Up Tricks Step 5&6

5. You've likely seen the tip before about applying white eyeliner to your waterline to make eyes look larger. I prefer to use a flesh-tone pencil for a more natural look. This is also a great little trick for making eyes appear less red and sleepy! Bonus!

6. Don't forget about your brows. Maximize vertical space even further by defining your brow with a brow powder and a stiff, angled brush. Focus on making upward strokes.

Make Up Tricks Step 7&8

7. To make lips appear fuller, resist the urge to go Kylie Jenner crazy with overlining. You will want to use a lip liner, though, to reinforce your lips' shape. If you want to subtly overline, only do so on your top lip and mostly at the center. A nude beige liner is great for creating realistic dimension.

8. Using a gloss will always make lips look a bit fuller by reflecting light.