Easy Ways to Salvage Your Broken Makeup

by admin

Easy Ways to Salvage Your Broken Makeup

As the ancient proverb says: "When an eye shadow breaks, a kitten dies." At least that's what it feels like. Broken makeup is the WORST THING EVER, but have no fear, here's how to get even the most destroyed compact back together again.

Salvaging cracked or damaged makeup is easier than you think. Read along to see how to fix your beloved broken cosmetics.

1. Broken Powder, Blush or Compact
Beauty vlogger Naomi of Live Love Glam created this insanely helpful video to show you how it's done. You'll need a resealable zipper storage bag, rubbing alcohol, a butter knife, a spoon, a clean tissue and a smooth surface to work on before you get started. It may sound complicated to fix it instead of just replacing it, but what's worse — 15 minutes of your time, of 50 of your dollars? I think the answer is clear.

2. Broken Lipstick
Now that you know the secret to fixing your broken powder-based makeup, it's time to repair broken lipstick. Lipstick can break due to age, taking a fall off your bathroom counter, or simply due to bad luck — so learning how to fix it is a skill that is sure to come in handy. There are a few methods to consider, one of which is to take all the remaining lipstick out of the tube and, along with the broken part, melt it down into liquid form, pour it back in the tube, and wait for it to dry.

Makeup artist Michelle Phan's method starts with a freezer and ends with melting to reattach the broken lipstick to the rest of the tube. See her entire process in her Call of Duty: Black-Ops themed YouTube video above.

3. Broken Lip Balm
If you're looking to repair a lip balm or lipstick with an unusual shape, like EOS lip balm, check out this video to see how it's done. While similar to fixing a standard lipstick, when you're fixing something with an unusual or complicated shape, things can get tricky. It may take a few extra minutes, but it's totally worth it. Once you get the remaining product out, you can melt it down, place it back in the container and freeze it for at least 10 minutes or until it is the desired consistency.

4. Broken Eyeshadow
While this is similar to fixing a powder or compact, fixing an eye shadow palette or pot is a little different because the pigments are richer, and you're usually dealing with a smaller surface area, so precision is key. To keep as much of the product as possible, this time don't remove all of the product from the container. Instead, keep the product in the container and use an eye dropper to apply rubbing alcohol to the surface.

5. Broken Gel Eyeliner
Gel eyeliner can get messy. Watch this video to learn this easy method revive your beloved gel liner to its original consistency. All you need is water, a knife (a butter knife would also do the trick) and something that will help you press the product back into the container while smoothing it out.

Have you tried any other methods to saving broken makeup? Let us know in the comments below!