Beautiful Everyday Eye Makeup Look for Monolids

by Ivy Boyd

Beautiful Everyday Eye Makeup Look for Monolids

The monolid is a beautiful and unique eye shape that makes for gorgeous eye makeup if you know what you’re doing. Note: Monolids are not the same as hooded eyes. A monolid, true to the name, lacks a crease and is generally flat in appearance. A hooded eye has a crease but it’s tucked under a “hood” of skin. Because monolids lack a natural crease, some eye makeup tutorials aren’t all that helpful, but we’ve got your back. Here’s how to create monolid eye makeup that has dimension and doesn’t take all day!


Eye makeup for monolids can seem complicated or confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. This is an easy, fresh look my monolid babes can rock daily for work or school. We are going to create subtle dimension and definition in just a few steps. You’ll need a matte, medium-tone shadow in a brown or mauve shade, a gel or liquid liner, mascara, and a pair of your favorite false lashes if you please.


Eye Makeup for Monolids: Steps 1-2


1. Look straight into a mirror with your eyes open, and find a center point between your lashes and brow. At that center point, dot your midtone matte shadow in place. Matte shadows are great for adding depth and dimension to any eye look. Then, using a crease or blending brush, sweep the shadow back and forth to create a soft effect. Keep your eyes open for this entire step; it ensures that the color stays in the right spot.


2. Using a gel liner with a brush, create a thin-to-thick line across the top lash line. Bring the line up at the end to add extra lift and open the eye. In my opinion, monolid eyes can work cat-eye liner like none other, so take full advantage! Make sure to allow the liner to set before moving on.


Eye Makeup for Monolids: Steps 3-4


3. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Accentuating the lashes on monolids is essential for bringing the eyes forward.


4. Then, if you’d like, apply a strip of false lashes. Lashes are a monolid’s BFF because they really emphasize the lash line, pulling everything even farther forward. To really flatter your eye shape, choose a kind of lash that flares out slightly at the outer corner.


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