Everything You Need to Know about False Eyelashes

by admin

Everything You Need to Know about False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are the fastest way to elevate a special-occasion look, and with the holidays steadily approaching, it’s the perfect time to sport a pair! There’s myriad lash styles at your disposal and plenty of tips and tricks that make applying them a painless process!


Falsie Basics



Before we get into the nitty-gritty about different lash types and tools, here are a few overall basics about falsies.

1. Before applying your lash, wrap it around a mascara tube to form a curve that will hug your lash line better.

2. To conceal the application better, some lashes benefit from a liquid liner applied to the band prior to applying it.

3. Don't just rip off the lashes at the end of the night! Apply a makeup remover to the lash lines. It will loosen the glue so you can slide them right off.

4. Curl your real lashes prior to applying false eyelashes. False lashes have more of a curve than our natural ones do, so this will help them blend together.

5. I like to apply mascara first—making sure my natural lashes are coated—then apply the false lashes, and then coat with mascara one more time to fuse them together fully.

6. Did you know you can reuse false lashes? When carefully removed and cleaned with a non-oily makeup remover, you can actually use them up to two more times. Get your money's worth, girl!


Half Lashes



For those who hate the feeling of false lashes or if you’re after that sexy, elongated cat-eye look, half lashes (also called accent lashes) are where it’s at! You can even cut a regular strip lash in half to make your own!





Individual lashes are time-consuming to apply, but they’re perfect for the fluttery, feathery look of eyelash extensions without the price! You’ll need a different adhesive for these, and definitely a little more time, but if natural is what you want, individual lashes are the way to go. You will carefully place these right on top of your natural lashes or even use them to supplement a pair of strip lashes.





Trio lashes are fast becoming my favorites! They’re much faster to apply than individuals but still give you control over how dramatic you want to go. You can place a few at just the outer corners or apply them side-by-side across the entire lash line. I love these because they are easier to bend to your eyelid’s shape than a strip lash sometimes can be.


Colored Lashes



While colored lashes may seem a little out-there, they can actually be quite subtle and even enhance your eye color! I love these wine-colored lashes to play up green or blue eyes!


Duo Lash Adhesive



Duo is by far the most popular lash adhesive. There are two versions: one that applies white and dries clear and one that applies gray and dries black. Let the glue dry for about 30 seconds before placing it on your lash line. This will allow the glue to become sticky enough to adhere to the false lashes.


Lash Scissors



You’ll want to reserve a special set of scissors for cutting lashes only. Hold a lash up to your eye to measure before trimming, and then carefully trim at an angle to avoid creating a sharp-pointed end.


Individual Lash Adhesive



When applying individual lashes, use a different adhesive. This is a long-wearing glue that will adhere lashes for more than one night—perfect for a weekend of festivities!


Strip Lashes



The most common lash style, strip lashes adhere to your top lash line with a flexible band. Make sure to hold the lash strip up to your eye first to check for length. Most people will need to trim them down a bit. Trim from the outside and at a slight angle to avoid a sharp edge. Ardell 120 Demi Wispies are one of the most universally flattering shapes.


Lower Lashes



If you’re going for a mod 1960s look or you just can’t get enough lashes, there are special lash strips for the lower lash line. These lashes are shorter to look more realistic. Be sure to use a clear adhesive with these.





For a girls’ night out or New Year’s Eve, lashes with tiny rhinestones and glitter are just what the doctor ordered! The rhinestones are weightless and catch the light when you blink.


Lash Applicator



Applying lashes is the trickiest part, and sometimes you need to bring in the big guns—by that I mean applicator tools. This bull’s-eye tool will help you place your lash strip front and center with ease.